World: Germany and Sweden want to work closely together at energy transition

Biden signs ratification of Finland, Sweden NATO bids

  Biden signs ratification of Finland, Sweden NATO bids President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed US ratification of bids by Finland and Sweden to enter NATO, taking expansion of the Western alliance in response to Russia's Ukraine invasion one step closer. "President Biden congratulated them on the US Senate's swift, bipartisan ratification of their NATO accession protocols, and welcomed Finland and Sweden moving one step closer to becoming NATO Allies," the White House said.Biden said the two northern European countries would become "strong, reliable highly capable new allies" by making the "sacred commitment" to mutual defense in the US-led transatlantic alliance.

Germany and Sweden when expanding renewable energies, but continue to pursue different ways in nuclear power. In view of the gas crisis as a result of the Russian War in Ukraine, the departure of fossil fuels is also a "security policy requirement," said Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) on Tuesday during a visit to Stockholm. The Chancellor also made it clear that he no longer sees big hurdles for a NATO accession of Sweden and Finland.

Deutschland und Schweden wollen beim Ausbau der erneuerbaren Energien eng zusammenarbeiten. Angesichts der Gaskrise sei die Abkehr von fossilen Energieträgern auch ein © Henrik Montgomery Germany and Sweden want to work closely together when expanding renewable energies. In view of the gas crisis, the departure of fossil fuels is also a "security policy requirement," said Chancellor Scholz during a visit to Stockholm.

The Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said about the energy question that the war in Ukraine showed "how important it is to reduce our fossil dependency". She added: "In Sweden we prepare for difficult times." Sweden continues to rely on nuclear power and will continue this "for a long time", said Andersson at the joint press conference with Scholz. However, there are no plans for the construction of new nuclear power plants.

Tesla competitor BYD continues: BYD vehicles will soon also drive on German roads

 Tesla competitor BYD continues: BYD vehicles will soon also drive on German roads The Chinese EV manufacturer BYD extends its feelers to Germany and Sweden. After Warren Buffett's investment recently announced that he wanted to conquer the Japanese market, BYD is now also collecting a cooperation to make the leap to Europe. © provided by Indranil Mukherjee/AFP/Getty Images • BYD increases paragraph in the first half of 2022 • Expansion initially in Japan • Cooperation with car dealer Hedin should bring BYD to Germany and Sweden for Chinese Tesla rival BYD it is

The Chancellor said that every country had to make its own decisions in energy policy. "Nuclear power plays a role in other countries," he added.

for the expected NATO joining Sweden and Finland said the Chancellor: "My confidence is great that it will be very quick now." He expects those NATO countries who have not yet ratified the "will soon do - including Turkey". By joining the "Defense capability of NATO and thus our security" is strengthened. He was "historical".

Andersson announced that her country would continue the deliveries required by Turkey. A few days ago, Sweden announced the first deportation of a Turkish citizen since the dispute with Turkey for his NATO joining. It is a Turk convicted of credit card fraud.

Turkey had threatened to block the Nordic countries of NATO if they did not meet the Turkish demands. Turkey justified this with the alleged Swedish and Finnish support of "terrorist organizations" - this means above all supporters of the banned workers' party Kurdistan (PKK) and the movement of the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen.

Ministers seek to boost winter gas supply

  Ministers seek to boost winter gas supply The Australia Energy Market Operator has been given the power to shore up domestic supply, while emissions reduction has been as a market target.The decision followed a meeting chaired by Energy Minister Chris Bowen with state and territory counterparts.

in June signed Turkey, Sweden and Finland an agreement that should enable the contributions. Activists for human rights and freedom of expression warned that the agreement should not be delivered to Ankara, persecuted in exile. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan critics would quickly classify in Turkey as "suspect of terrorist".

The process for the inclusion of the Nordic countries in NATO has already started. However, each of the 30 member countries must ratify the accession individually. The Bundestag has already given its approval. According to the federal government, the ratification of seven countries is still pending.

The NATO-Norder extension could change the military power relationship in the strategically important region of Northern Europe. Finland also gave the military alliance a new, 1300 kilometer -long direct border with Russia. Russia's President Vladimir Putin already accused NATO "imperial ambitions".

in the city of Södertalje near Stockholm also visited Scholz and Andersson a work by the Swedish vehicle manufacturer Scania. Scania works there together with the German parent company Volkswagen on concepts for climate -friendly electrification of load traffic. The aim is to make freight traffic more environmentally friendly, especially on long distances. The Scania visit was the last stop of Scholz 'Scandinavia trip that started in Norway on Monday.


Millions prepare for huge rise in energy bills .
Regulator Ofgem will soon announce a new price cap, adding hundreds of pounds to bills from October.A household in England, Wales and Scotland using a typical amount of gas and electricity currently pays about £2,000 a year.

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