World: "At some point it has to fit": Appeal to Baku, praise for Fischer

Carlton will appeal Cripps' suspension

  Carlton will appeal Cripps' suspension Carlton have confirmed they will seek to free Patrick Cripps for their last two regular season games by appealing his suspension at the AFL Appeals Board.The club announced via Twitter it would appeal the penalty confirmed on Tuesday night by the AFL tribunal.

with his achievements in the previous competitive games, Ridle Baku not yet the ambitious player this season that he is actually. Niko Kovac analyzes the national player's performance and speaks in the highest tones of a possible deputy.

Ridle Baku enttäuscht zu Beginn der Saison. © Imago/Actionpictures Ridle Baku disappointed at the beginning of the season.

newcomer Kilian does not need "time"

in Wolfsburg, the performance curve in the course of the season so far does not yet correspond to what many viewers, but probably also Ridle Baku himself. A moderate game in the trophy at the Wolfsburg 1-0 victory in Jena, a bad appearance at 2-2 at the start of the season against Bremen and a hardly better in the 0: 2 in Munich - the right -back is not yet in this season Happened at VfL.

Peter Dansie allowed to appeal against his conviction for murdering his wife who drowned in an Adelaide pond

  Peter Dansie allowed to appeal against his conviction for murdering his wife who drowned in an Adelaide pond Australia's highest court has allowed a man found guilty of murdering his wife by pushing her wheelchair into a pond to appeal against his conviction. Peter Rex Dansie, 73, was sentenced to life in prison for killing his wife, Helen Dansie, in Adelaide's southern parklands.Mrs Dansie drowned in a pond in Veale Gardens in April 2017.Dansie lost a bid to appeal his conviction in South Australia's Court of Criminal Appeal two years ago.

“The competition in the national team is great, and if he wants to push someone out there, then he must be present in all phases of the football game. "(Niko Kovac)

" The expectations are always high for a German international. This is not only the part of the club and the coach, but also on the part of the national coach. But also with himself, he wants to perform well himself ", confirms himself" Niko Kovac. The trainer also sees the performance of the 24-year-old mixed. "You have to split it a bit: neat to the front, we certainly have one or the other backwards that we have to improve. It has to be defensively, it is just like that."

In Wolfsburg, the player trained at FSV Mainz 05 must finally send out the signals towards the DFB, Kovac demands, who supports him as best as possible and connects this with a clear appeal: "The competition in the national team is great, and if he pushes out someone there Then, then he has to be present in all phases of the football game. We work every day. Whether this is on the pitch, in meetings, in individual sessions to help the player. But we know how it is, in football: it fit. "

High Court rebuffs Neill-Fraser again

  High Court rebuffs Neill-Fraser again Hobart grandmother Susan Neill-Fraser has lost a second bid to have the High Court consider overturning her murder conviction for killing partner Bob Chappell.The 68-year-old was sentenced to 23 years in jail for killing partner Bob Chappell aboard the couple's yacht, the Four Winds, on Australia Day 2009.

newcomer Fischer has "still catching up to do"

and if not? Then, at least in the medium term, a variant on the right defense could also come into play-Kilian Fischer, the two-million newcomer from Nuremberg and potential deputies on the new position for Baku. For the 21-year-old, Kovac sends in advance: "Kilian is a young player who played in the 3rd league two years ago, then played in Nuremberg for half a year. Now he is in the Bundesliga, he has already experienced a comfortable climb . He still needs time. " But the coach is already praising words: "He tries day in day. Kilian is a boy who tells little and works a lot. I still want to learn a lot, it is a good prerequisite for becoming a good Bundesliga player. "

injuries, most recently a calf injury, Fischer has so far lived back in Wolfsburg. "He still has some catching up to do," says Kovac. But the highest tones could soon also follow his biggest challenge for Fischer - the debut in the Bundesliga.

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