World: The measures of insurers for your purchasing power, who must pay the repairs of a rental? The eco flash of day

They Couldn’t Turn the A/C to 68 at Their Swanky Hamptons Rental. Now They’re Suing.

  They Couldn’t Turn the A/C to 68 at Their Swanky Hamptons Rental. Now They’re Suing. A Manhattan attorney and his dentist friend have filed a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court, arguing that their summer vacation was ruined when the owners of their $10,000 Hamptons rental prevented them from lowering the air conditioner by two degrees. The plaintiffs, Toby Cohen and Jonathan Neman, say not only was their safety threatened during their stay, but they were treated like “squatters” in the “uninhabitable” luxury home—which they retroactively assailed as an illegal rental.

Les mesures des assureurs pour votre pouvoir d’achat, qui doit payer les réparations d’une location ? Le flash éco du jour © Sophie Levy Ayoun The measures of insurers for your purchasing power, who must pay the repairs of a rental? The eco flash of day Find most of the eco news of the day in the flash produced by capital.

We start with the good news of day for parents who use child care. Since Tuesday, families who have employed a nanny or have used a service provider to take care of their child (s) of more than six years can benefit from the immediate advance of their tax credit. It allows you to obtain a reimbursement by the State of 50% of the sums undertaken, within the limit of 12,000 euros. After having completed the necessary steps, the families concerned will see their invoices lightening. For parents of children under the age of 6, still a little patience, the mechanism will only be activated from 2024.

Mississippi’s Governor Just Made the Jackson Water Crisis Worse

  Mississippi’s Governor Just Made the Jackson Water Crisis Worse Hurrying to drop off her rent check near her home in Jackson, Mississippi, Jasmine Roberson took a deep breath and did the math: She was seven days late, which took an extra $70 out of her already empty bank account. She has a looming $500 car payment, three boys to feed, a gas tank to fill, utilities. And she has to cover all of this and more with a week less of wages in her pocket, all because a lack of drinking water forced her to make a choice: caring for her children after schools and daycares closed or going to work. © Provided by The Daily Beast Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast “I really had no choice,” Roberson, a 29-year-old single mother, said.

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the expression of day . After the "price shield" for energy and "banking shield", make way for "insurance shield". On the occasion of a joint address organized Tuesday September 20 in Bercy, Florence Lustman, president of France insurers, and Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Finance, announced that the average insurance contributions - Auto, Housing and Health - will be contained below inflation in 2022 and 2023 . Two other measures come to garnish this "anti-inflation pack", including the distribution of a 100 euros car check for some car owners. Discover these announcements on our site.

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the Practical Info which is aimed at both tenants and donors. Replacing a tap gasket, a defective component, or repairing a broken water heater ... When a rental requires some work, it is not always easy to identify to who returns the responsibility to pay the bill. In general, small repairs, current maintenance and repairs linked to "abnormal" use of the accommodation will be borne by the tenant. Heavier repairs, linked to aging or a case of force majeure, on the other hand, will be intended for the owner. To see more clearly, Capital indicates the repairs incumbent on the tenant and those incumbent on the owner.

"The War Eco-Reporter": Hugo Clément Diszincuated by a famous humorist

 © Cyril Pecquenard / Kcs Press "The War Eco-Reporter": Hugo Clément Diszincé by a famous humorist in the Journal du Dimanche From September 25, 2022, Hugo Clément took it for his rank. In his weekly ticket, humorist Gaspard Proust severely tackled the journalist and militant, as well as his program on the front. On September 19, France 5 broadcast an issue of the front entitled Red Alert on Wine.

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the good plan of the day . Since September, individuals can change their mortgage insurance contracts at any time, without having to respect the calendar in force until then. However, the partial abolition of the medical questionnaire, formerly required by insurers when subscribing to the credit, caused an increase in premiums. Despite these increases, put in competition your contract remains an operation largely lucrative , as evidenced by the simulations carried out by Magnolia for Capital. The key, savings of almost 50% with equal protective coverage. The details can be found on our site.

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Climate change: Australia's coal fired power plants to close by 2035 as renewables brought in .
The end of coal-fired power in Australia was essentially sealed this week with the nation's largest power company and an entire state pledging to go 'net zero' by 2035.AGL Energy announced on Thursday that it will shut down all of its coal plants, including the country's biggest polluter, the Loy Yang A station in Victoria, a full decade ahead of the scheduled 2045 closure.

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