World: Belgium – One person dies in anti-terrorist raid against right-wing extremist groups in Belgium

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A man was killed Wednesday in an anti-terrorist raid against far-right groups near Antwerp in northern Belgium after opening fire on police special forces.

The operation has resulted in six people being arrested, the Federal Prosecutor's Office confirmed in a statement. Specifically, the shooting occurred in Merksem, on the outskirts of Antwerp, when the special forces were going to search a house as part of an operation against radical right-wing groups, according to Belgian media.

After the exchange of fire, more than a hundred weapons, as well as a large quantity of ammunition and military equipment such as bulletproof vests, night vision goggles and thermal goggles were found in his home. According to the Flemish radio and television station VRT, the victim is a 36-year-old man linked on social networks to radical anti-government groups and who feeds conspiracy theories.

A total of ten homes were searched in other areas of Antwerp and in Ghent, where a large number of weapons and ammunition were found. The operation was carried out in response to suspicions that the group had plans for armed resistance against the government, although Belgian authorities say they had not determined a specific target or a date for action.

Belgium’s police raid on violent group leaves one suspect dead .
A police raid on a violent group of far-right sympathisers in Belgium leaves one person dead in Antwerp.A dozen searches were carried out in seven different municipalities, including Antwerp and Ghent, as part of an investigation into “the preparation of terrorist attack and the violation of the legislation on weapons”, the statement said on Wednesday.

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