World: AfD politician Blex "calls allegations to" reasonably constructed "

Not all the howls about racism at Hawthorn are equal — because some can force footy to break with its past

  Not all the howls about racism at Hawthorn are equal — because some can force footy to break with its past Some claim the accusations of racism against the Hawthorn Football Club have resulted in a rush to judgment. For many, that judgment can't come soon enough.From Indigenous Australians, howls of a different kind. I won’t try to speak for them, but the ABC’s Tony Armstrong put it in a restrained and dignified way: “It is not easy being out here.

after his expulsion from the North Rhine-Westphalian AfD parliamentary group, Christian Blex described the allegations against him as" reasonably constructed ". He has no understanding for the decision. As a member of the parliamentary with a member of the parliamentary with, he will now take up issues "which have so far been rather neglected due to possibly misunderstanding consideration," he told the German Press Agency on Thursday.

Christian Blex (AfD). © Swen Pförtner/dpa/archive image Christian Blex (AfD).

Blex was excluded on Tuesday due to a sharply criticized trip to Russia from the AfD parliamentary group in the state parliament. Bex and other AfD politicians in his tour group did without the originally planned visit to the Donbass occupied by Russia in the east of Ukraine. After Blex initially did not get away from Russia because of the partial mobilization and the associated rush to foreign flights, he is now back in Germany.

Blex sees himself as a political victim: he had disturbed “certain circles” and was “only sought after one occasion” to throw him out of the parliamentary group. He does not want to leave the party, said Blex: "I will of course continue to put all my strength and expertise into the service of the AfD, after all I was chosen for an excellent list position."

Robert Lambrou AfD top candidate in the state election .
The Hessian AfD with its parliamentary group leader Robert Lambrou goes to the state election campaign as a top candidate. Lambrou was elected to the top candidate with 149 out of 192 votes, the party said on Saturday. This corresponds to an approval of 78 percent. On Lambrous opposite candidate Walter Wissenbach, 27 votes were made. The deputy AfD parliamentary group leader Andreas Lichert, who received an approval of 85 percent, was elected in second place on the list.

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