World: Fourth leak detected at Russian gas pipeline to Europe

causes unknown: Problems lame Ostsee pipelines

 causes unknown: Problems lame Ostsee pipelines Within 24 hours, both currently unused German-Russian Baltic Sea gas pipelines-north stream 1 and 2-print problems. The control center found a pressure drop in both tubes from the north stream 1 pipeline, the operator said on Monday evening. Accordingly, the capacity of the pipeline fell unplanned to zero. The cause is examined. © Stefan Sauer/dpa pipe systems and shut -off devices in the gas reception station of the Ostseeepipeline Nord Stream 2 in Lubmin.

A fourth leak has been detected in undersea gas pipelines linking Russia to Europe, the Swedish Coast Guard said Thursday, after explosions were reported earlier this week in what NATO called "reckless" sabotage.

The vast leaks have caused underwater gas plumes, with significant bubbling at the surface of the sea © Handout The vast leaks have caused underwater gas plumes, with significant bubbling at the surface of the sea

The Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines link Russia to Germany, and have been at the centre of geopolitical tensions as Russia cut gas supplies to Europe in suspected retaliation against Western sanctions following Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.

The Swedish Coast Guard confirmed Thursday there were four leaks in total on the pipeline in the Baltic Sea -- two on the Swedish side and two on the Danish side. Three leaks were previously reported. 

Nord Stream operator says recent pipeline damage «unprecedented.»

  Nord Stream operator says recent pipeline damage «unprecedented.» The operator of the Nord Stream pipeline, Nord Stream AG, said Tuesday that the damage to three of the pipelines late Monday was «unprecedented,» following a gas leak in one […]"The damage occurring simultaneously on three 'offshore' gas pipeline lines of the Nord Stream system is unprecedented. It is impossible to estimate the time required for the recovery of the gas transportation infrastructure," the company said, Russian news agency TASS reported.

While the pipelines -- operated by a consortium majority-owned by Russian gas giant Gazprom -- are not currently in operation, they both still contained gas.

On Thursday, NATO declared that the damage was "the result of deliberate, reckless and irresponsible acts of sabotage".

"These leaks are causing risks to shipping and substantial environmental damage," the Western military alliance said in a statement. 

Russia has denied it was behind the explosions -- as did the United States, saying Moscow's suggestion it would damage the pipeline was "ridiculous". 

Russia's security service launched an "international terrorism" investigation into the gas leaks, saying the damage had caused "significant economic damage to the Russian Federation".

EU points to Nord Stream leak as «deliberate» and warns of «united and robust» response

  EU points to Nord Stream leak as «deliberate» and warns of «united and robust» response The European Union said Wednesday that the damage to the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines is due to «deliberate acts» and warned that it will respond «united and solidly» […]In a statement to the EU-27, the member states expressed their concern over the incident involving the pipelines carrying Russian gas to Europe via the Baltic, which has resulted in gas leaking into international waters.

It said Thursday suspects a foreign state of being behind the leaks.

The UN Security Council will meet Friday to discuss the matter.

- 'Constant' gas flow -

The vast leaks have caused underwater gas plumes, with significant bubbling at the surface of the sea several hundred metres wide, making it impossible to immediately inspect the structures. 

Seismic institutes on Tuesday reported they had recorded "in all likelihood" explosions in the area, prior to the leaks being detected.

A Swedish Coast Guard search and rescue vessel was patrolling the area.

"The crew reports that the flow of gas visible on the surface is constant," the agency said in a statement. 

Danish authorities said the leaks will continue until the gas in the pipelines is exhausted, which is expected to occur on Sunday.

Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), said at a symposium in Paris that to him it was "very obvious" who was behind the leaks.

He said natural gas shortages in the wake of the war in Ukraine could make for a tough winter in Europe. 

"In the absence of a major negative surprise, I think Europe, in terms of natural gas, can survive this winter with a lot of bruises in our bodies in terms of prices, economy and social issues, but we can go through that," Birol said. 

According to climate groups, Nord Stream 1 and 2 contained some 350,000 tonnes of natural gas -- methane.

Greenpeace says the leaks could have the effect of almost 30 million tonnes of CO2, or more than two-thirds of the annual emissions of Denmark.


Europe activates two new pipelines, decreasing reliance on Russian gas ahead of winter crunch: report .
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