World: Cameroon: Secondary teachers enter into an unlimited strike

Australia's teachers are burnt out and fed up. Here's why

  Australia's teachers are burnt out and fed up. Here's why For some teachers, a 70-hour week is normal. Experts say this needs to change."[I'd work] 70 hours a week. I'd start my day at 7am and I usually would finish around 7pm," he tells ABC RN's This Working Life.

Dans la classe d'une école de Yaoundé, au Cameroun. (illustration) © AFP - - in the class of a school in Yaoundé, Cameroon. (Illustration)

grouped under the joint banner of the movement "We have supported too much" (OTS), the collective "We have waited too much" (OTA) and the Syndicat des Teachers du Cameroon for Africa (SECA), teachers of the teachers Secondary start an unlimited strike on Monday on Monday.

Secondary teachers denounce the inertia and the unreleased government promises. In particular, they claim payment of their wages, after several years late. The problems of secondary school teachers are two orders, explains Olen Jeudong, teacher in the Adamaoua region and member of SECA.

Perrottet's plan to attract top teachers

  Perrottet's plan to attract top teachers Dominic Perrottet has flagged an ambitious program to attract high achievers to work as NSW public school teachers in a bid to address the chronic shortage.The NSW premier says the government will adopt its own version of Teach for Australia, already in place in other states and territories, in the hope of persuading the best and brightest to enter the profession.

The first concerns "debt due to teachers formed by the delay accumulated in relation to the payment of wages". For several years, he specifies, "teachers are not directly paid as soon as they start working, which means that over time, there is a debt that forms and which is later donated in the form of reminders. Except that sometimes the waiting time is too long and you can meet at 5 years, even 10 years.

The other problem is structural, adds Olen Jeudong. “There is a text which is written and signed since the year 2000 and which is just waiting for an implementing decree to enter into force. However, this text, which defends the particular status of teachers, contains many advantages, which we do not enjoy and that prevents us from living in a decent manner and working in good conditions.

The OTS movement, the OTA collective and the SECA also call on high school teachers to participate in any festive event relating to World Teacher Day on Wednesday, October 5. This anger has been going on for several months. Already in February, the movement "we have supported too much" had launched the operation "Deadly chalk" to attract the attention of the authorities to the situation of teachers.

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