World: Donald Trump: his 'love letters' sent to Kim Jong-un unveiled

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  How Trump's terrible endorsements could sink his own party's hopes When the Republicans lost the presidency and control of Congress almost two years ago, they could take comfort in knowing they could take power again soon. © Provided by Trump 'a threat to this country': Biden The Democrats had the most tenuous control in the Senate, holding exactly half the seats with the vice president serving as the tiebreaker.The only thing Republicans needed to do was pick up a single seat in November's midterm election, and they had plenty of good opportunities.

Donald Trump © provided by Bang Showbiz Donald Trump The "Love Letters" that Donald Trump sent to Kim Jong-unit was revealed after The entry of 15 boxes filled with confidential documents in his property in Mar-A-Lago.

The National Archives and Records Administration has recovered the "love letters", as the former American president called them, exchanged between the two leaders and these were published by Korean-Americal Club, an NGO composed of southern journalists -Corens, in their newspaper The Korus Journal.

In a letter addressed to Trump shortly before their meeting in Singapore in 2018, the North Korean leader had written that he was "ready to work with your excellence with all my heart and my dedication.

Kim Jong-un also sent a letter to the former American president on his birthday.

The North Korean leader also mentioned the denuclearization of his country in Trump.

He wrote: The most important cause of what your camp considers the puzzle of 'missile threats' and the nuclear problem is the military action of your camp and the South Korean army that threatens our security. And as long as these elements are not eliminated, no change in result can be anticipated.

In the end, Trump wrote 16 letters to Kim Jong-Un when the dictator sent him 11.

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