World: Brazil. Governors, deputies, senators: the Bolsonaro clan has won important Victories

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Jair Bolsonaro au guidon d’une moto avec son ancien ministre Tarcisio Freitas, élu gouverneur de Sao Paulo. © Sebastiao Moreira / EPA / Maxppp Jair Bolsonaro on the handlebars of a motorcycle with its former Minister Tarcisio Freitas, elected governor of Sao Paulo.

On the sidelines of the presidential election, the Brazilians elected their governors, deputies and senators on Sunday. The Liberal Party of Jair Bolsonaro is doing very well.

Their champion arrived second in the first round of presidential but the friends of Jair Bolsonaro have many reasons for satisfaction after a long day of elections in Brazil .

The candidates allied to the outgoing president won significant victories Sunday October 2, 2022 during the legislative and governing elections organized in parallel with the presidential election.

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"Bolsonarism can party" , writes analyst Miriam Leitao in his daily chronicle O Globo.

The Liberal Party is doing well

In addition to the President and the Vice-President of the Republic, the Brazilians were called upon to elect the governors of 27 states (including the Federal District of Brasilia), the 513 elected officials of the Chamber of deputies and a third of the 81 senators, as well as the legislative assemblies of the States.

According to analysts, the Liberal Party (PL) of the Head of State is about to obtain the greatest number of seats in the Chamber of Deputies.

In the Senate, PL candidates and Allied groups won at least 14 of the 27 seats to be filled.

Romario and former ultra-conservative

ministers among the new members of the Congress are two very controversial former Bolsonaro ministers: the former Minister of the Environment Ricardo Salles, who has left the government because of suspicion of corruption, and Eduardo Pazuello, criticized for his management of the health portfolio at the height of the pandemic which left nearly 700,000 dead in Brazil.

International warnings grow over threat to democracy in Brazil

  International warnings grow over threat to democracy in Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro’s unfounded claims of electoral fraud raise concerns he may reject October 2 vote results.Right-wing incumbent Jair Bolsonaro has suggested that he may reject the results if he loses, as most opinion polls have shown him trailing his left-wing rival, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

The list of Bolonarists for the Senate includes the former Romario (re -elected) football player and Marcos Ponte, former astronaut and former Minister of Sciences who ousted the ally of Lula, Marcio Franca, the favorite of polls.

Three other former ministers, the ultra-conservative Damares Alves (women), Tereza Cristina (Agriculture) and Rogerio Marino (development), as well as the current vice-president, were also elected to the Senate, which must confirm two two Judges of the Supreme Court.

also entered the upper Chamber, former judge and Minister Sergio Moro, who broke with Bolsonaro, and former prosecutor Dalton Dellagnol.

The two large rivals of Lula were key characters from the "Lava Jato" trial, which focused on a huge corruption system within Public Company Petrobras. Lula did 19 months in prison, but the sentence was canceled for procedural vices.

Surprise to Sao Paulo

The Brazilians also elected governors of 27 states (including the Federal District of Brasilia).

The candidate of PL Claudio Castro was elected governor in Rio de Janeiro. But the biggest surprise came from Sao Paulo, the most populous and richest state in Brazil, with the victory in the first round of Tarcisio Freitas, former Minister of Infrastructure, who was second in the polls.

Freitas (PL) came first, ahead of Fernando Haddad, Dauphin de Lula and former mayor of the Megapole de Sao Paulo, beaten by Bolsonaro in the 2018 presidential election. The two men will compete for the post of governor on October 30 during a second ballot.

The elections also saw the victory of the first transgender federal deputies of Brazil, Erika Hilton, Duda Salabert and Robyoncé Lima.

Presidential in Brazil: the race for alliances and low blows .
© AP - Eraldo Peres Brasilia, September 27, 2022. (AP photo/Eraldo Peres) This Sunday, October 2, 2022, the former president Lula won the First round with a short head (5 points) ahead of President Jair Bolsonaro, while the polls provided for a greater distance between the two candidates. After the astonishment, the latter set out to conquer indecisive voters. They have less than a month left to campaign.

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