World: Auroville, utopian city in southern India, threatened by the Bulldozers

Guterres says ending nuclear weapons «is not a utopian dream» and stresses that it is «necessary.»

  Guterres says ending nuclear weapons «is not a utopian dream» and stresses that it is «necessary.» UN Secretary-General António Guterres has stressed that ending nuclear weapons «is not only possible, it is necessary» and rejected the view that nuclear disarmament is «a utopian and impossible dream». […]"At a time of growing geopolitical division, mistrust and direct aggression, we are in danger of forgetting the terrible lessons of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the Cold War and inciting a humanitarian armageddon," said Guterres.

Auroville, communauté utopique du sud de l'Inde, s'est développée avec le soutien de l'Unesco. © AFP - Arun Sankar Auroville, Utopian community in southern India, developed with the support of UNESCO.

Sponsored by UNESCO, this city founded in 1968 wanted to teach men and women to live in peace beyond all beliefs, political opinions and nationalities. The administration appointed by the federal government imposes radical changes in this city on collective management, which could call into question its ideals.

of our correspondent in India,

The secretary of the Auroville Foundation, freshly appointed by the federal government to deal with the co -management of the city, orders the destruction of several community buildings as well as the cutting of many trees to build A road through the city. According to her, this aims to accelerate the realization of the city's plans, drawn by its founders 50 years ago.

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Auroville, the Utopian City of India, fights against a deforestation project

The bulldozers suddenly arrive, but hundreds of residents are one to oppose this decision, which is according to them illegal and arbitrary. The resistance lasts of the days, but the bulldozers finally force the passage and demolish whole sections of this magnificent forest of Auroville. And by this confrontation, it is the founding bases of Auroville that are affected.

Auroville management is unique; A law of the Indian Parliament establishes a collective administration of the city, and the decisions are taken in agreement between the Foundation and the various assemblies of residents. It is one of Auroville's democratic ideals that attracted intellectuals around the world and gives birth to innovative projects of collective life. However, the new secretary of the Foundation believes that it has the power to impose its views, and refuses to recognize the various votes of residents who condemned its decisions to an overwhelming majority.

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The government wants to make Auroville a tourist destination

The inhabitants therefore seized justice, and the regional court of appeal agreed to them in August, thus invalidating several decisions of the secretary. The Federal Environmental Court has also frozen certain earthworks, but each time the federal official calls for these decisions. And the confrontation continues.

The secretary claims to want to extend this city of Auroville, and multiply by five its population in three years. It thus literally resumes the initial development plans, which planned to accommodate 50,000 people. But this is an ideal, and cannot be forced, because such a rapid demographic expansion is difficult to absorb if you want to maintain the ideals of this community.

According to residents, imposing a sudden influx radically changed the spirit of Auroville to make it a simple place of spiritual and green tourism, and no longer a space of democratic and ecological innovation.

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