World: Fake News: Latest generation Russian tanks are not transported to Ukraine

Russia’s mobilization won’t fix its military problems

  Russia’s mobilization won’t fix its military problems What Putin’s troop surge can — and can’t — do in Ukraine.Russian President Vladimir Putin this week announced that 300,000 more men would need to fight in his increasingly difficult and costly war in Ukraine. But amid Ukrainian victories, major strategic and personnel problems in the Russian armed forces, and domestic frustrations over the mobilization announcement, whether Putin can accomplish his goals in Ukraine — and the nature of those goals at this stage — isn’t clear.

A video shows a train carrying latest generation Russian tanks. These armored vehicles are supposed to be on the way to Ukraine, excluding the video dates from October 2019, long before the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. View onononews

Un char russe détruit, en Ukraine. © Leo Correa / Copyright 2022 The Associated Press A Russian Char, in Ukraine.

While Ukraine continues to reconquer the territory in its counter-offensive, Russia is mobilizing and is preparing to strengthen its troops.

Last month, President Vladimir Putin announced a biased military mobilization of 300,000 soldiers. And in parallel with this evolution of war, online disinformation has spread.

Russia’s mobilisation sparks ‘backlash’ over its war in Ukraine

  Russia’s mobilisation sparks ‘backlash’ over its war in Ukraine Meanwhile, ‘sham’ annexation votes were held in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine in the 31st week of the war.Just under 100,000 Russians crossed into Kazakhstan since the mobilisation announcement on September 21, the Kazakh interior ministry said – three times the average weekly rate this year, which has itself been 70 percent higher than in previous years.

This is a video that appeared on a pro-Russian Facebook page in Africa. She claims to show "the most recent and most dangerous Russian tanks" and armored vehicles transported on a train to Ukraine. It has been looked at more than a million times and has been widely shared online on the Pro-Kremlin channels. But this video is misleading and it was filmed long before the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February.

here in The Cube, we use open source tools to find out when a video was published for the first time on the Internet. And we came across exactly the same video on YouTube, and as you can see, it dates back to October 2019.

this sequence was downloaded by the Russian Ministry of Defense and, according to the description, it shows a strengthening Military in the Western Siberian region, thousands of kilometers from Ukraine.

This video therefore does not show the transport of Russian tanks in Ukraine and it precedes the conflict.

Western intelligence services claim that so far, despite partial military mobilization, they have not seen any large -scale strengthening of Russian troops in Ukraine.

Ukraine – Large explosion of several fuel tanks damages Kerch bridge between Russia and Crimea .
The Kerch Bridge, the main connecting route between Russia and Crimea, was seriously damaged early Saturday morning following a massive explosion first attributed to the explosion of a truck that […]Despite initial accusations by local Crimean officials that Ukraine was responsible for the explosions, neither the Kremlin has officially commented nor the authorities in Kiev have commented on the matter.

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