World: EU describes Putsch in Burkina Faso as "regrettable"

11 killed, dozens missing after attack on Burkina Faso convoy

  11 killed, dozens missing after attack on Burkina Faso convoy Burkina Faso condemns ‘barbaric, cowardly’ attack after fighters ambush an army-escorted resupply convoy in the Sahel.In a statement on Tuesday, the government said the assault took place on Monday in the commune of Gaskinde in Soum province, where armed groups linked to al-Qaeda and the ISIL (ISIS) group have been escalating attacks and seizing territory since 2015.

The European Union has described the state coup of a group of soldiers in Burkina Faso as "regrettable", which forced the resignation of lieutenant Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba and the appointment of Captain Ibrahim Traoré , the leader of the uprising, has caused the country's new head of the country's military junta.

Hoher Vertreter der EU für Außenpolitik Josep Borrell - MARK J. SULLIVAN / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO © provided by News 360 Hoher representative of the EU for foreign policy Josep Borrell - Mark J. Sullivan / Zuma Press / Contactophoto

The commissioner Jutta Urpilainen responsible for international cooperation declared on behalf of the high representative of the EU for foreign policy, Josep Borrell European Parliament that "will take some time to assess whether Burkina Faso and the EU can continue to be partners".

Burkina Faso: AU chief slams ‘unconstitutional’ change of gov’t

  Burkina Faso: AU chief slams ‘unconstitutional’ change of gov’t AU chief joins regional leaders in condemning military leader Damiba’s removal in a coup – the second since January.“The chairperson calls upon the military to immediately and totally refrain from any acts of violence or threats to the civilian population, civil liberties, human rights,” the AU said in a statement on Saturday, calling for the restoration of the constitutional order by July next year “at the latest”.

"We have strongly supported the West African States (ECOWAS) economic community in their mediation efforts for a way out of the crisis," he said, referring to the State Cancer on Friday in the country.

In this sense, Urpilainen reminded Borrell's speech when reading Borrell's speech, and that the EU had been involved in the country's authorities and that the high representative himself in New York two weeks ago with the outgoing leader of the military junta and the country president, Paul -Henri sandaogo Damiba, met.

"We are ready to intensify our cooperation with the country, also in the area of ​​defense and security, and at the same time to continue to support Burkina Faso's population," he said to the European Parliament.

Burkina Faso: Tear gas fired at protesters outside French embassy

  Burkina Faso: Tear gas fired at protesters outside French embassy Protesters gather outside the embassy after the coup leader accused France of supporting a counterattack.Supporters of Burkina Faso’s coup leader Captain Ibrahim Traore had gathered outside the building in Ouagadougou on Sunday, a day after he accused the deposed military leader Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba of hiding out at a French base to plot a “counteroffensive”.

He focused on the conversations between the Ecowas and the new authorities. "We hope that these conversations will lead to positive and constructive conclusions that comply with the obligations received by President Damiba," he said.

Urpilainen pointed out that "the challenge is now" to convince the country's new military junta that "the Wagner option is tempting, but these mercenaries are objectively ineffective in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel zone". "We can watch this more and more in Mali every day," he added.

It should be remembered that the Russian Wagner group has sent mercenaries to several African countries in recent years - among other things to Libya and the Central African Republic (tsar) - which caused the suspicion that Moscow in several conflicts on the Continent is involved.

The protests in favor of Captain Traoré put the role of Russia into the spotlight. The demonstrators demanded a greater commitment of Moscow to the disadvantage of France and called for an imitation of the role of the country in Mali.

After the uprising, Brussels condemned the coup d'état and called in a communiqué to "fulfill the obligations received, which form the basis of the agreement made on July 3, Burkina Faso on the way to free and transparent national elections until To support July 1, 2024 ".

"The European Union condemns the new state coup in Burkina Faso, which has endangered the efforts to monitor West African countries (Ecowas) for several months," explained the EU in a communiqué that the high representative for Foreign policy, Josep Borrell, is attributed.

Tribute to 27 soldiers killed in Burkina: "When will the end of the massacre?" .
© Olympia de Maismont Ceremony in memory of 27 soldiers killed in Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou on October 8, 2022 a lead silence is done when in Ouagadougou Captain Ibrahim Traoré, new strong man from Burkina Faso, settles down In front of the coffins draped in green and red, the national colors, of the 27 soldiers killed during a jihadist attack at the end of September.

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