World: Excluded: George Clooney takes service for Nespresso with two French stars

Elon Musk: "Hate and Fanatism Hate": Why more and more stars turn off Twitter

 Elon Musk: Tesla boss Elon Musk (51) a new coup a few days ago. The entrepreneur bought the Twitter social media platform. But after the takeover it seems to go down with the number of subscribers, and celebrities like Gigi Hadid (27) also leave the platform. © Getty Images for the Met Museum/Vogue Elon Musk: "Grube from Hass & Fanatism": Why more and more stars from Twitter Elon Musk: Is it going downhill with Twitter? Above all, the farewell of some stars from the short message service is noticeable.

"How far would you go for the unforgettable taste of Nespresso coffee?

with his phlegm and a charming smile, the inimitable George Clooney has converted a good number of people to the coffee since the start of his collaboration with Nespresso. Good news: a new campaign of the brand will be broadcast on November 15. If the actor resumes his role - obviously - to perfection, he is not alone! Alongside the Oscar winner Jean Dujardin with which he had already worn out of various stratagems to enjoy a well-deserved coffee break in a previous campaign eight years ago, Camille Cottin appeared. Star of the small screen in "Ten percent" and in the cinema, the Frenchwoman does not intend to be steep the last Nespresso coffee by her two neighbors.

Lindsay Lohan wows in sheer dress at Falling For Christmas screening

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Humor, charm, second degree, as many assets common to the three stars, which they put this time, at the service of Nespresso. A complicity in pajamas that can be seen on the screen in this new comic and good -natured spot. If the taste for these exceptional coffees is naturally at the heart of the script and source of the kind battle between the three protagonists, the commitment in sustainable development in particular recycling is put forward.

While waiting for the revelation of the complete campaign on Tuesday, November 15, discover exclusively and only on behind the scenes of the countryside where good humor and comedy are there. If the obvious complicity between the actors is reflected, everyone reveals the keys that make their comic duo work. Grimaces on the set, jokes, and smiles by corner are there. What else?

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Camille Cottin

Jean Dujardin balcon © Nespresso

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