World: the Walking Dead return of Rick Grimes is imminent: penultimate episode reveals 2 options for the appearance

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of The Walking Dead's grand finale is close. But also the return of Rick Grimes? Season 11 is now the prospect of two options in episode 23.

fans of The Walking Dead must now be strong, because the emotional farewell is imminent. In a week, the greatest horror series of our time ends after 11 seasons, 12 years and 177. And if there is a wish that almost everyone wants to see fulfilled in the final, then it is an appearance of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes.

The former main character of The Walking Dead has not been seen for four years. An end without the man with whom everything started, is hardly imaginable . Whether we will actually see Rick again next week remains a well -kept secret. The penultimate episode entitled Family, however, has now opened two concrete path how Andrew Lincoln can return in the final.

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Attention, Spoiler for The Walking Dead:

Possibility 1: Rick Ex Machina in The Walking Dead final

In the rest of the final episode of The Walking Dead, the Commonwealth is overwhelmed by a huge horde of undead . It doesn't make things easier that some of them can climb and even use weapons such as stones and knives. But how should this huge fight be processed within a episode and the Commonwealth is cleaned up by the zombies? Rick Grimes could come into play here.

looks at the trailer for the very last episode of The Walking Dead:

in the course of season 11, a secret alliance partner of the Commonwealth is repeatedly referred to, which could certainly be the Civic Republic Military (CRM) . Whether Pamela Milton ( Laila Robins ) asks for help in the hour of need? The CRM and helicopter could appear as a surprising rescue at the last second.

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and if The Walking Dead already brings the CRM back, then with great probably Rick Grimes as part of a special unit that has been in the Civic Republic

for years. Thus, the final would also hit a bridge to the upcoming Richonne-Spin-Off , which Rick's time in the mysterious over 200,000 people tall mega community and Michonnes search for their husband. Possibility 2: Rick Grimes looks over as hallucination The penultimate episode is preparing another option for a Rick Grimes appearance, which would certainly not be quite epic but more obvious. Because in the middle of the shocking events from episode 23, Judith Grimes (

Cailey Fleming

) is shot by Pamela Milton. The badly wounded girl is finally brought to safety by Daryl in front of the horde. In delirium, she seems to see something that we don't see. The episode ends in its surprising words: "



Ricks Rückkehr könnte die größte The Walking Dead-Überraschung werden © AMC © AMC Ricks Return could be the biggest The Walking Dead surprise © AMC The Walking Dead could choose a similar way as the 5th episode of season 9, To bring Rick back - as a hallucination. Its farewell sequence also brought some deceased characters like Shane, Sasha and Hershel, to whom the seriously wounded Rick encounters with dwindling consciousness in dreams.

Judith is now in a critical condition and could meet her father in a seam death vision. And maybe the farewell to The Walking Dead can have a few more dead and missing characters come back from Judith's life, such as Mama Michonne (Danai Gurira) and even brother Carl Grimes (

Chandler Riggs

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What are your theories for a possible appearance of Rick in the final?

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