World: Report. "Tell it that for you, it was great, the occupation!", In the region of Kherson, the collaboration with the Russians tears the Ukrainians

What Russia’s withdrawal from a key Ukrainian city means for the war

  What Russia’s withdrawal from a key Ukrainian city means for the war Russia’s announcement that it would retreat from Kherson is another setback for Putin and a political win for Ukraine.The Ukrainian military said Friday that Kherson was now back under Ukrainian government control. Earlier this week, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had said all Russian troops would withdraw from the city of Kherson to the eastern side of the Dnieper River, territory that Russia still controls.

in the south of Ukraine, just released after eight months and Half of Russian occupation, the inhabitants of the Kherson region are already faced with tensions between those who have clearly resisted the occupier and those who are suspected of having sympathized with the enemy.

In this village in the region of Kherson (Ukraine) , Sunday, November 20, these two women discuss between neighbors, in socks in their plastic sandals, in front of the Vala farm, which shows us the house next door. "You see, there? J use the corner lives a woman with whom Russian soldiers often came to take a shower," she explains in a tone full of innuendo. "They were welcome!"

‘Kherson ours’: Ukraine celebrates after Russian retreat

  ‘Kherson ours’: Ukraine celebrates after Russian retreat Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared Kherson ‘ours’ after Russian troops withdrew from the city.Olha Pylypivna, a resident of Kherson, said she could not “find the words” to describe her relief after Ukraine’s special forces moved in on Friday. Crowds chanted “glory to our heroes” and “glory to Ukraine” as soldiers mixed with smiling civilians.

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The village is called Kyselivka, it is 10 kilometers north of Kherson . The village had 3,500 inhabitants before the war. They are now a thousand, at most. How to relive together after the war, after eight and a half months of Russian occupation? And a few days after the departure of the Russians, the languages ​​were delighted . "So? Can I participate in the show too?" Leather jacket on his scooter, another neighbor, Stanislav, 62, stops and challenges Vala and his family, again to reinforce the innuendo: "Well! Say them, that for you, it was great , occupation! " He wants as proof of the ground traces: "Look on the floor, continue Stanislav. Look at which house was passing the chariot!"

More towns and cities will be retaken, vows Zelenskyy, amid jubilation in Kherson

  More towns and cities will be retaken, vows Zelenskyy, amid jubilation in Kherson President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said more Ukrainian cities and towns will be liberated amid jubilation in the recaptured southern city of Kherson. © Other The Ukrainian leader said that after months of Russian occupation and "mockery of our people", there is a "sea of Ukrainian flags on the streets"."The world sees it now. It sees what it means when Ukrainians meet their own people. It sees what the unity of Ukrainians means. And it sees why we should liberate our entire land from the invaders," he said in his nightly address.Mr Zelenskyy continued: "We will see many more such greetings.

This is too much for Vala, exasperated to be accused of having hosted Russians. "They were going at three in the morning. What should I have done, me? The argument continues, the man on the scooter turns: "You see, in Ukraine too, there are quite a few garbage that sympathized with the Russians! And then there were the heroes, who were waiting for the Ukrainians."

Stanislav swears that he never accepted the Russian pension offered to him, even if he did not touch his Ukrainian retirement either, for lack of a factor to bring it to it in occupied territory. In the big city of Kherson too, the question arose. In front of the post office, watching for her reopening, Natalya admits having said yes to this Russian pension: "How would we have done if not? We had to live well!" She explains. The Russians stole everything from us, so for me, was normal to touch this money. "

"they must be delivered to secret services"

Horrors of Kherson prison where Ukrainians were 'tortured severely' comes to light

  Horrors of Kherson prison where Ukrainians were 'tortured severely' comes to light The gates swing open, creaking ominously on their hinges. © Other Prisoners say they were tortured at this jail in Kherson This is the first time Valery has been back to the prison where the Russians took him. © Other Valery shows Sky News the prison where the Russians took him As he walks through the gates he points out the cell on the second floor where he was locked up.And when he recounts what happened here it's clear that it is a painful experience.

These tensions are sometimes also a question of generation. Drapes of blue and yellow, Anastasia and Timophy, 26 years old, want to hunt from the city all those who allowed the Russians to settle here. "These people were in command of the administration of Kherson," said Anastasia. They destroyed, they have been pillaging the city for years. We must deliver them to the Ukrainian secret services! " By loading his laptop, near a generator in a city without a current, Timophy, who is a hairdresser, says he has left his work so as not to have to cut the hair of a certain clientele. "There were a lot of people who supported the Russian invasion! A lot of collaborators and many Russian soldiers who came to our living room."

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The inhabitants of Kherson Pro-Moscow no longer run the streets, this winter, in the city taken up by Ukraine. Many left last month, when the Russians called to evacuate. But this is one thing that Vladimir Putin will have managed to do, "says Anastasia:" Unir the Ukrainians more than ever! People understood that Ukraine was an independent country, with its own culture, its language. We are not at Russia's boot here: it's not Belarus! "

Some large propaganda posters, however, resist: "Russia forever" is still written on huge panels. "They should be torn, recognizes Evguéni, who is queuing for drinking water. But we cannot reach them. And that is not the priority."

Evguéni adds in a proud tone: "This is the dirty tea towel of the Russians. It will disintegrate on its own!" Even if for that, it will take time, as if to repair bombed networks, water, electricity ... and treat resentments, in Kherson and its region, after more than eight months of occupation.

Russian forces in Kherson alert as Ukraine plans next move .
Ukraine has kept Russian forces guessing about their next move, pinning down occupying troops in defensive positions.Some 30,000 Russian troops that withdrew from the west bank of the Dnieper river earlier this month were entrenching themselves in the Zaporizhia and Kherson regions during the 39th week of the war, deputy head of Ukrainian military intelligence Major-General Vadym Skibitskyi, told the Kyiv Post.

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