World: "Saint Omer": Alice Diop questions the difference in a film trial on Fabienne Kabou, condemned for infanticide

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After several documentaries, Alice Diop goes to fiction by reconstructing the affair of this young Senegalese who killed her little daughter of 15 months on the beach of Berck, in the north of France in 2013.

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Lion for the best first film and Grand Prix of the jury at the 79th Mostra of Venice, Saint Omer also received the Jean Vigo and was selected by France to compete at the Oscar for best international film on March 12, 2023 in Hollywood. The film releases Wednesday, November 23, haloed by Lauriers. After us , documentary on her Parisian suburbs, Alice Diop expresses the difference she feels in France, through the fate of infanticide, responsible for one of the worst possible crimes.

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Without an apparent mobile

young novelist, Rama follows Laurence Coly's trial at the Saint-Omer Assize Court. Accused of having abandoned her fifteen month old daughter on Berck beach (Pas-de-Calais) at Marée rising, the accused answers questions from the judge and lawyers, and sees witnesses and experts at the helm. Over the confessions and his destabilizing remarks, Rama has doubts about his a priori vis-à-vis the accused.

After the identity quest formulated along line B of Ile-de-France RER, where she lives, in us, Alice Diop, also of Senegalese origin, questions her roots through a sordid news that remains Without real response to the accused's motivations. Student in a license of philosophy in Paris in 2011, Fabienne Kabou justifies her gesture by the bewitchment of some marabout who would have pushed her to the crime. She was perfectly educated her child, after a clandestine lonely childbirth, in a decline. But what pushed her to kill her child is unanswered in his eyes, and she hopes to have him at the end of his appearance.

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School cases

all in fixed plans on stakeholders at the trial, and in particular Laurence Coly (Guslagie Malanda) - The Alter Ego by Fabienne Kabou -, the film takes a frontal position in relation to its subject. It uses a minimalist form embellished with a few most sober flashbacks to illustrate the case. Alice Diop films cold justice confronted with a submerged story of emotion. It is undoubtedly for this reason that this coldness observer does not give way late to emotion, during the final tears of the accused. Also, the subject is not the drama, but the gaze that we have on him and his instigator.

At the border of the documentary and the fiction escaped a metaphor for the other from a school case. It is because she feels looked different from others, that Alice Diop wanted to make this film. She draws from infanticide an extreme difference to expose hers. The actresses, who dominate the distribution, are efficient, the asceticism of fixed plans amplifies the impact of successive monologues, and the message passes. In his radicality and asking more questions he brings answers, the film would probably not have displeased this other great filmmaker of the refined form that is Robert Bresson.

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The file

Genre: Drama

Director: Alice Diop

Actors: Kayije Kagame, Guslagie Malanda, Valérie Dréville 0 Country: France Duration:


Exit: 23

November 2022

Distributor: Films From diamond

synopsis: Rama, young novelist, attends Laurence Coly's trial at the Saint-Omer Assize Court. The latter is accused of having killed her fifteen month old daughter by abandoning her at the rising tide on a beach in northern France. But during the trial, the word of the accused, listening to testimonies, waveled the certainties of Rama and questioning our judgment.

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