World: lightning -fast & beguiling: recipe for a winter cocktail with tea, cinnamon and apples

Sweet winter recipe for apple-quark pancakes

 Sweet winter recipe for apple-quark pancakes pancakes with curd cheese and apples makes it not only extremely relaxed but also super delicious. This is where the sweet recipe © istockphoto apple quark pancakes are perfect for a cute breakfast iStockphoto whether for breakfast or for the sweet hunger in between: pancakes are always a good idea. With this recipe we add two secret ingredients to you: curd cheese and apples. The curd is not only a great source of protein, but also makes the pancakes extra fluffy.

put your eyes, imagine how you stroll through an Christmas market . Which tastes and smells come to mind immediately? If you had to think of cinnamon , apples and amaretto, then maybe we have found the perfect Winter Cocktail recipe for your Christmas! And best of all: it not only tastes irresistibly tasty, it also works at lightning speed.

Sorgt für Weihnachtsfeeling pur: unser Wintercocktail-Rezept mit Tee, Äpfeln und Zimt © Unsplash

provides pure Christmas feeling: Our winter cocktail recipe with tea, apples and cinnamon

cinnamon and apples are not yours? Then you may prefer one of these winter drink recipes.

The winter cocktail with tea, apples and cinnamon is prepared so simple and quickly.

Our drink has a special feature: it is cold and sparkling. Unusual for a winter cocktail, right? We would therefore warmly recommend you to test the recipe in our video above. It takes less than five minutes - so you can imitate even more often! The video is not displayed? Then click .

along even more delicious recipe ideas!

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