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Republicans are planning to battle Biden's green agenda with House control

  Republicans are planning to battle Biden's green agenda with House control Several House Republican leaders vowed to hold the Biden administration accountable on energy policy and introduce legislation that would boost American energy independence.Several top GOP members, who are in leadership roles on energy policy, laid out their priorities to Fox News Digital. In addition to stemming the Biden administration's green agenda and efforts to curb fossil fuel production, the Republicans said they would aim to unleash American energy, hold China accountable and secure the domestic critical mineral supply chain.

Chaque jour, Europe 1 se penche sur une idée ou un problème dans votre quotidien. Avec les prix de l’énergie qui explosent, de plus en plus de Français peinent à chauffer correctement leur logement et à payer leurs factures. Les associations qui aident les ménages modestes à rénover leur maison voient arriver de nouveaux clients qui, jusqu’à maintenant, s’en sortaient pourtant seuls. Europe 1 est partie prendre la température à Plombières-les-Bains, dans les Vosges. © Mathieu Thomasset / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP Every day, Europe 1 looks at an idea or a problem in your daily life. With the prices of exploding energy, more and more French are struggling to heat their accommodation correctly and pay their bills. Associations that help modest households to renovate their houses see new customers arriving who, so far, were doing so alone. Europe 1 has left to take the temperature in Plombières-les-Bains, in the Vosges.

The day of November 24 resonates in the heart of millions of homes this fall. This Thursday marks the day to combat energy precariousness , organized by 24 associations with this slogan: "Because it is unworthy to be cold at home." In 2020, 20% of French households, or 12 million people, struggled to heat up properly or pay their energy bills. So today, with the energy crisis, new homes are falling into precariousness every day.

War in Ukraine: what must be remembered from Friday, November 25

 War in Ukraine: what must be remembered from Friday, November 25 more than six million households were affected by electricity cuts in Ukraine on Friday, two days after massive Russian strikes, volodymyr Zelensky announced . © supplied by Franceinfo more than six million households affected by electricity cuts, 15 dead in Russian bombings on Kherson in recent days ... Franceinfo takes stock of the main facts to be remembered War Front in Ukraine .

An invoice that has more than tripled in less than a year!

Direction Plombières-les-Bains, in the Vosges, to take the temperature with the French. From the entrance to the large house of Benjamin, we shift. "You can feel fresh in the walls and at the floor," he confirms, applying his hand to the wall next to the door.

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its accommodation, bought at the start of the year, is what is called a thermal coland: it has a diagnosis of energy performance classified "F", the front -Renteer worse note. And with the crisis, its heating bills have reached astronomical levels! "The house is heated only with my two pellet stoves, wood pellets," explains the young man of 30 years.

"In 2021, the ton was around 250 euros", he recalls. "In March-April, she was already at 450 euros and in July-August, she was 850 euros," he sighs. He believes that he will consume "about 5 to 6 tonnes of pellets" this winter. Or an invoice of almost 5,000 euros! "It was not at all on the program!", Benjamin said in a nervous laugh.

Over 640,000 Australian households in housing stress, analysis using census data shows

  Over 640,000 Australian households in housing stress, analysis using census data shows Single mother-of-three Lisa Carter has been priced out of the rental market and has set up camp in a Perth caravan park. She's among the many Australian households in housing stress, with the figure forecast to approach one million by 2041.It is like any other family's afternoon routine, except Ms Carter and her children are living in tents.

After renovation, "2,000 euros in the year"

despite his wages as a police officer and that of his wife who exercises the profession of funeral advisor, for the first time in his life, Benjamin asked for help to an association : Soliha. Its members will allow him to renovate his accommodation. "We are going to redo the exterior insulation, the insulation of attic and joinery," explains Jérémy François, technician at Soliha. "We will go from a 'F' label to a 'of' label. This will save 35% energy, practically 2,000 euros per year," he calculates. "This is great news!" Exclaims Benjamin.

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To carry out this work, Soliha has done his research and estimates that Benjamin will be entitled to 17,000 euros in aid . But he will have to convince a bank to lend him the remaining 50,000 euros to really renovate his house.

Deal to cut energy costs closer, says PM .
The federal government is edging nearer to a plan to ease energy costs, with the prime minister confident a deal can be struck.Speaking at a business event in Canberra on Wednesday, Mr Albanese said energy policy inaction under the former government was magnifying the shocks caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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