World: Stéphanie de Monaco, grandmother at 58 years old for the first time: her eldest son will soon be dad

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Stéphanie de Monaco will be grandmother for the first time in 2023. His eldest son, Louis Ducruet, announces the pregnancy of His wife, Marie Chevallier, who has shared her life since the age of 19 and at…

Stéphanie de Monaco, grand-mère à 58 ans pour la première fois : son fils aîné va bientôt être papa. © Bestimage Stéphanie de Monaco, grandmother at 58 years old for the first time: her eldest son will soon be a father.

The Princely Monegasque family will grow. Princess Stéphanie de Monaco , sister of Prince Albert and Princess Caroline, will soon be a grandmother for the first time. Indeed, his eldest son, Louis Ducruet announced the pregnancy of his wife Marie Chevallier. The young man of 30 years shares a singular photo to share this event. He appears alongside his wife and their dog, who has a small message clothing for the occasion. " Soon to Be Big Brother " (" soon big brother "), can be read on the room. What suggests that the couple is preparing to experience a new happiness. Louis Ducruet accompanies his publication with a pretty legend: " The adventure is about to start ", attached to an emoji heart.

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The community of Louis Ducruet and Marie Chevallier, hastens to send future parents to tender attentions. Members of the princely family also share their joy, like Camille Gottlieb , Louis' little sister: "I'm going to be the best of Tata ". Jazmin Grace Grimaldi , eldest daughter of Albert de Monaco, sends her best wishes to his cousin and his wife: " Congratulations pretty family "

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of the years of happiness

Louis Ducruet has been married since 2019 to Marie Chevallier, her youthful love encountered on the benches of the business school Skema Business of Sophia-Antipolis. Last April, they give an interview to the magazine point of view and return to the beginning of their romance. Marie Chevallier explains: " We grew up together, our story started very early ... " Louis Ducruet then completed: " We each advise 19 years. Our adult life has started together, and today we know each other by heart ".

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magazine questions the couple about their children's desires . Louis Ducruet replied first: " Yes, we think, of course. The pressure is strong between my paternal grandmother, my mother, that of Marie, her two brothers, my sisters, who regularly ask us the question. ” At that time, the Monegasque feels ready to papon, his wife wants to take his time: " It's been several years since I want to be a father, Marie wishes to wait a little. 30 years old would be the good age to materialize this project , ”he said. Marie Chevallier specifies: "It's been true, several years that Louis told me about his desire to become a father. I am not yet completely ready, I would like to wait a bit, but maybe next year? »

They make confidences about the way they imagine their family life in ten years. Louis Ducruet depicts his idyllic future: “In Monaco, with our children and our Pancake dog. I would ideally like to have three or four children [...] constituting a large family in the image of mine, would be for me, real happiness ”. Marie Chevallier, she would see herself a good mother of two children: " One thing is certain, we do not want to have only one and only ", evoking the happiness of growing with a brother or a sister.

Born on November 26, 1992, Louis Ducruet has Daniel Ducruet, former bodyguard of Stéphanie de Monaco, for father. They married in 1995 and divorced in 1996. The young man has a sister, Pauline Ducruet. In 1998, Stéphanie de Monaco gave birth to Camille Gottlieb, fruit of her loves with a former Palace guard, Jean-Raymond Gottlieb. Born out of marriage, she does not enter the order of succession to the throne.

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