World: Sylvie Vartan: How Jean-Jacques Standing has just let go of a huge bomb about his personal life!

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 Gérard Depardieu: his young son Jean, 16, shaves her skull ... to look like Eminem! We often forget it but Gérard Depardieu had a boy, 16 years ago, when he was in a relationship with Hélène Bizot. The young man has just made a totally radical decision, capillary speaking ... 1/15 slides Gérard Depardieu: his young son Jean, 16, shaves his skull ... to look like Eminem ! 2/15 slides © Bestimage Gérard Depardieu during the Festival Premier Plans in Angers. © Laetitia notarianni / Bestimage 3/15 slides © Instagram, Jean Depardieu Jean Depardieu on Instagram. September 8, 2022.

Sylvie Vartan : comment Jean-Jacques Debout vient de lâcher une énorme bombe au sujet de sa vie perso ! © Alamy/Abaca Sylvie Vartan: How Jean-Jacques Standing has just let go of a huge bomb about his personal life!

In his Memoirs, " The color of the ghosts" , Jean-Jacques Debout, the husband of Chantal Goya says that he was one of the rare friends and confidants of Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan. At Paris Match , he tells how he got angry with the couple, from 1964, the year of their meeting.

His argument with Johnny and Sylvie

At the time, Jean-Jacques Standing was in the first part of Johnny's shows, and Sylvie Vartan was a friend for whom he pinched. The day they saw each other the first time, Jean-Jacques Debout had invited Sylvie Vartan, passing through Aix-en-Provence who finished a tour with Gilbert Bécaud, to come and join him in Marseille. He did not plan that it would be love at first sight with Johnny, who then completely monopolized the starlet with blond hair.

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 Sylvie Meis: Hard words about her ex-show Sylvie Meis is actually an integral part of television, but the Dutchman, who is also active as a model and influencer, has been on TV for a long time see. Most recently, she moderated the dating show "Love Island" in March at RTLZWEI. © Imago / Future Image Sylvie-Meis-Lets-Dance-Harte words.

Injured to be put on the sidelines, Jean-Jacques Standing says that he did not want to stay one more minute on the spot when he saw that Johnny seduced Sylvie, commanded champagne, and kissed her. He then settled down to reach Paris by car, and left two messages to Johnny and Sylvie, to tell them that he was coming back.

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Two years then passed, and the marriage of lovers, on April 12, 1965, and finally it was in a Parisian nightclub (New Jimmy's) that Jean-Jacques Standing fell one evening on Johnny Hallyday. The first says that the second rushed in his direction, took him by the pass and told him that it was time to leave his vexations and their dispute behind them. That evening, the Taulier also asked Jean-Jacques Standing to come and kiss Sylvie Vartan, who told her that she needed a song for an album in production.

Reconciliation gifts

Result, as a reconciliation gift, Jean-Jacques Standing will have written two cult titles for the two members of this legendary couple. For Sylvie Vartan, "like a boy ", and for Johnny "Two friends for a love" , which tells this period of trouble between friends.

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