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The incidence increases slightly. Can coffee possibly prevent infection? A new study is being examined.

Eine neue Studie prüft, ob Kaffeekonsum vor einer Infektion schützen kann. © Claudia Hübschmann © Claudia Hübschmann A new study checks whether coffee consumption can protect against infection. © Claudia Hübschmann

Meißen. The change of course remains. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported a seven-day incidence value for the district of Meißen of 129.1 on Wednesday. This is a small increase of just more than eight percent compared to the previous day (119.5) . There was already an increase of six percent on Tuesday. 77 new Corona cases have been registered since Wednesday. According to RKI, 115,218 cases have been reported in the Meißen district since the beginning of the pandemic. No new death was registered. The total number is 1,028.

Digital plates provide information about departure of bus and train

 Digital plates provide information about departure of bus and train on displays in front of the railway bridge The times for the stops in the center of Radebeul-West are displayed. © SZ/Silvio Kuhnert At the S-Bahn stop Kötzschenbroda, passenger boards now inform when the next train or the next bus will take. © SZ/Silvio Kuhnert Radebeul.

Most new Corona infected people were available in Meißen (48), Coswig (45), Radebeul (38) and Grossenhain (37) last week.

The district of Meißen remained in eighth place with the incidence in comparison with the twelve other circles and independent cities. The first is the Leipzig district with 216.1. The Free State of Saxony remains in third place with 131.8 nationwide.

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here you can read more local messages from Meißen and Radebeul .

could the consumption of a cup of coffee be an effective means to protect yourself from infection with the coronavirus? What has not yet been proven for the practice is, from the perspective of the chemical and biochemical research , is plausible and even likely: the team led by chemist Professor Dr. Nikolai Kuhnert as well as Dorothea Schmidt and Nicholas Ohl from Jacobs University were able to experimentally-in the laboratory-show that the chemical compound 5-caffeoyineas acid (trivial name chlorogenic acid), which occurs in coffee of the Coronavirus and the ACE-2 receptor, the docking point for the virus on the human cell.

Corona incidence in Saarland again slightly increased

 Corona incidence in Saarland again slightly increased The Corona incidence in Saarland has risen slightly again in the weekly comparison. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the number of registered Corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days on Thursday was 216.6-after 198.6 the previous week. © Philipp von Ditfurth/dpa/symbol image A young person is taken from a nose smear for a corona test. The total number of confirmed illnesses since the beginning of the pandemic was 467,808 on Thursday (previous week 465 711).

A regular cup of filter coffee-in the laboratory setting it includes exactly 200 milliliters-contains about 100 milligrams of the 5-caffeoylchineaic acid. Attempts in the laboratory showed that 5-caffeoylchinic acid in this concentration is high enough to inhibit docking the spike protein to the ACE-2 receptor-and thus also the infection process. In order to prove this process for practice and thus for our everyday life, further studies are required.

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"Plateau" at Corona - but other respiratory infections lay for .
The decline in corona incidence seems to be stopped for the time being. According to the latest RKI report, it has remained the same in the weekly comparison. But other respiratory diseases are increasing. © Symbolfoto: dpa/Bernd Weißbrod In addition to Corona, other diseases are currently burdening the health system. © Symbolfoto: dpa/Bernd Weißbrod Berlin. Corona incidence is stagnating - and other respiratory diseases are increasing.

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