World: A relative of Vladimir Putin sends a sordid gift to the European Parliament

Is the US about to throw Vladimir Putin a lifeline?

  Is the US about to throw Vladimir Putin a lifeline? Republicans could cut US military aid to Ukraine just as victory begins to look possible.Everyday Russian citizens who watched coverage of the declaration and six weeks later witnessed the announcement of the withdrawal on Russian state TV would have seen the chinks in Putin’s rusting political armour, with the perception of his invincibility in tatters.

Evgueni Prigojine, close to Vladimir Putin and co-founder of the armed group Wagner, sent a clear message to Europe.

Certaines personnes affirment que le président russe aurait sept sosies qu’il enverrait un peu partout pour le remplacer. D’ailleurs, le dirigeant s’en est déjà amusé en conférence de presse. © supplied by Bang Showbiz Some people say that the Russian president would have seven diets that he would send everywhere to replace him. Besides, the leader already had fun at a press conference.

Russia passed a morbid message to the European Parliament after the country has been categorized as a sponsor state of terrorism.

In the middle of the week, the European Union denounced the terrorist actions perpetrated in Ukraine but Evgueni Prigojine, close to Vladimir Putin and co-founder of the Armed Wagner group, sent a clear message to Europe.

The Russian businessman sent a violin case in which a hammer stained with false blood was.

This daring blow serves as a warning to Europe but also recalls the death of a Russian citizen, who was brutally executed with a hammer.

Evgueni Nuzhin would have passed Ukrainian side but would have been kidnapped and returned to the Wagner group.

Nuzhin would have been attached to a wall before the Wagner group eliminated it with a hammer.

‘Final Crushing Blow’: Putin’s Men Scramble Over Feared Crimea Blitz .
After a series of crushing defeats for Russia’s military in Ukraine from the northeast to the south over the last several weeks, Russian authorities in Moscow appear to be increasingly concerned that Ukraine has set its sights on seizing back Crimea next. Russian MP Andrei Gurulyov on Sunday urged Moscow to determine the risk of Ukraine and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization launching an attack on Crimea, which Russian President Vladimir Putin illegally annexed from Ukraine in 2014. Russian MP Mikhail Sheremet warned that Ukrainian troops will suffer a “final crushing blow” if they launch an attack on Crimea.

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