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World: How to easily pit cherries?

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Comment dénoyauter les cerises ? © Getty Images How to pit the cherries? The denoyauteur: The most effective tool for pitting

cherries as its name suggests, the scorer has the sole function of removing the nuclei. It turns out to be very practical when it is necessary to pit a large number of fruits, as if to make an cherry jam (1 kg of cherries is necessary to make this type of recipe). Manual or electric, the scriptwriter is equipped with a point which detaches the nucleus from the rest of the fruit without damaging it. The icing remains, and can therefore find its place in pies or clafoutis.

Some models of particularly efficient denoying manages managed to pit two cherries at a time. This accessory can also be used on other nucleus fruits such as mirabellers, olives, dates or even apricots. On the price side, there are between 10 and 60 € depending on the complexity of the models.

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Small advice to avoid unpleasant surprises during tasting: before pitting, you have to think about diving the cherries for at least 5 minutes in lukewarm water. This makes it possible to get the worms out potentially present in the fruits. Be careful, if the water is too cold or too hot, they will not go out.

In video, 5 tips and tricks to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh longer, to find cherries without denoying?

In the absence of a scan, there are other methods for pitting cherries. They require a little equipment, resourcefulness and patience, but they prove to be effective. It is recommended to use it for smaller quantities of cherries, when making fruit skewers for example.

The first tip consists in bringing a Chinese wand (or a skewer) and an bottle whose neck is smaller than an cherry. We place the cherry on the neck of the bottle. We incise the top of the cherry with the tip of a knife, then insert the wand into the hole thus formed. The wand will push the nucleus until it is found at the bottom of the bottle. This technique is particularly practical for those who wish to recover the nuclei, but it can just as well be done without a bottle, only with the baguette or the skewer. It is also possible to use an , provided that Its tip has significantly the same size as cherry nuclei. Placed upside down, points upwards, the funnel can cut the cherry flesh around the nucleus, and thus pit it properly. If you have no funnel or Chinese baguette, it is possible to use an Reusable straw in

stainless steel. This must ideally have a slightly wider diameter than the nucleus but not much more; Otherwise, this may remove too much flesh and spoil too large part of the cherry. Obviously, this technique does not work with plastic or cardboard straws, which are far too flexible. »Read also - melon, strawberries, apricots… How to choose fruit that finally has taste

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How to recycle cherry nuclei?

In any case, they should be consumed since they contain cyanide, but cherry nuclei can still find a use. For example, it is possible to make it a cushion. To do this, it is necessary to collect about 500 g of cherry cores and let them soak in white vinegar mixed with water. This makes it possible to remove the cherry flesh still hung on the nuclei.

Once they are clean and dry, just slip them into a cotton cover. By placing this cushion in the microwave, you get a hot water bottle and if, on the contrary, you slip it in the freezer, it makes a small cold pocket. Another recovery tip: place cherry nuclei at the bottom of flower pots to ventilate the earth. This avoids the rotting of roots as well as the clay balls sold in the trade. X1

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