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World: "Actually ... love": Special for the 20th anniversary of the cult film!

John Leguizamo slams 'unfortunate' casting of Chris Pratt as Mario

  John Leguizamo slams 'unfortunate' casting of Chris Pratt as Mario The 62-year-old actor, who portrayed the role of Luigi in the 1993 live-action film, spoke with Indiewire Tuesday on the topic of the animated movie that is due in theaters next year. He questioned why filmmakers would go 'backwards' in not casting an actor of color into one of the roles of Mario and Luigi in placing Pratt, 43, and Charlie Day, 46, in the titular roles. © Provided by Daily Mail The latest: Super Mario Bros. alum John Leguizamo, 62, has criticized the casting of Chris Pratt, 43, in The Super Mario Bros.

If you love Christmas, you often cannot do without the many films that are about this special time of the year. This year, too, Netflix, Disney and Co. have published a lot of new films and series, but some are more relevant to classics.

Tatsächlich Liebe, Neue Szenen, Zusatzmateriala actually love, new scenes, additional materials "Love": Special on November 29th

One of these classics is "actually love" from 2003. The British film with the mega contingent on stars - under Other Colin Firth, Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant - belong to the Christmas films and is still popular with the audience even after so many years: inside.

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"Actually ... love": That became the stars of the cult Christmas film! "Actually ... love": That does the sweet "Joanna" today! Do not miss : Secure the hottest deals at Amazon!*

This is also where there is now a very special special for the 20th anniversary (which is actually only next year!) Of the cult strip. On November 29, a program with star presenter Diane Sawyer can be seen at the broadcaster ABC, in which she meets some stars of the film and talks to them about the best moments of "Love Actually".

ASTA Nielsen's pioneering budget

 ASTA Nielsen's pioneering budget © Filmmuseum Berlin/German Kinemathek Premiere in November 1911: AStA Nielsen (right) When working on "The Foreign Vogel" ASTA Nielsen (1881 to 1972), everything had a lively facial expressions , Beauty, artistic flair and a lot of humor. The latter does not quite come to the fore in "The silent bird": "A love tragedy from the Spreewald" is the subtitle of the film, which came to German cinemas on November 11, 1911 on November 11, 1911.

These stars are included in the Special under the title "The Laughter & Secrets of 'Love Actually," is talked about all the secrets of the film and of course also about Hugh Grant's famous dance in his role as Prime Minister David. In a first trailer, the actor reveals: "I hated to do that."

But not only this fun fact comes on the table, but many other surprising details. Diane Sawyer speaks in the special with the actors: inside Emma Thompson (Karen), Hugh Grant (David/Prime Minister), Laura Linney (Sarah), Bill Nighy (Billy Mack), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Sam) and Olivia Olsen (Joanna ).

This lacks Colin Firth, Keira Knightley and Liam Neeson, who can also be seen in "actually ... love". It is not yet known whether the special will also be seen in Germany.

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Love Actually: This cult scene Hugh Grant hated shooting .
Love Actually, Queen of Romantic Comedies in 2023, Love Actually will be 20 years old. A film with global popularity, and a great classic of romantic comedy served by an incredible casting. Under the direction of Richard Curtis, there is thus, among others, Liam Neeson , Emma Thompson , Keira Knightley , Julia Davis , Alan Rickman , Bill Nighy , Colin Firth , Martin Freeman and Laura Linney ... Without forgetting one of the great English stars of the time: Hugh Grant .

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