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World: Number of unemployed in November decreases easily

2022 well left to be the hottest November ever recorded in France

 2022 well left to be the hottest November ever recorded in France November © Pascal Rossignol / Archives Reuters The Sun above a barale field (Pas-de-Calais) in March 2022. Photo illustration. France has never known two first decades in November as hot as in November 2022. And the advance taken is so important that the monthly record could even be broken. The year 2022 has already broken a large number of meteorological records. In the spring, The month of May , for example, was the hottest month of May ever recorded in France.

The number of unemployed in Germany dropped in November thanks to a slight autumn revitalization - but less strongly than in previous years. The Federal Employment Agency announced the number of unemployed in November with 2.434 million on Wednesday, which is 8,000 fewer than in October, but 117,000 more than a year ago. The unemployment rate is therefore 5.3 percent unchanged. However, it is 0.2 points higher than in November 2021.

Die Zahl der Arbeitslosen sinkt laut Bundesanstalt für Arbeit leicht. © Julian Stratenschulte/DPA The number of unemployed people falls slightly according to the Federal Institute.

«Overall, the job market is stable. Unemployment and underemployment have increased again in the season and short -time work increases again, but employment is growing significantly, »said Daniel Terzenbach, board member of the Federal Employment Agency in Nuremberg.

Why Kanye West’s career may be over

  Why Kanye West’s career may be over Kanye West has long been a lightning rod for controversy, but his most recent comments and actions have clearly gone too far. He’s alienated almost everyone at this point, and is running out of places to speak out (which is probably why he’s buying Parler). Unfortunately, the signs for this happening were always there, and after reading this lengthy list of Ye’s misdeeds, you’ll likely be “So Appalled.”

companies would like to continue to represent an

in the short -time work, the Federal Agency again determines an increase. From November 1st to 24th, employers had reported short -time work for 82,000 employees. Data on short -time short -time money actually paid is only available until September. In the month, the Federal Agency paid short -time work money for 157,000 employees. That is more than twice as many as in August.

The willingness to hire of the companies is still high, but had weakened somewhat, the Federal Agency continued to say. In November, 823,000 vacancies were registered, 15,000 more than a year ago. However, the population decreased compared to October.

influences refugees from Ukraine. According to the Federal Agency, 189,000 people from Ukraine are currently unemployed. Around 620,000 people from Ukraine are basic security, including 200,000 children. 59,000 Ukrainians were employed by September, 18,000 others in mini jobs.

Christmas meal: These practices which must be wary of by shopping .
© Foodwatch The end -of -year meals are fast approaching, but before going shopping, be careful! The NGO Foodwatch alerts on 10 stars of Christmas tables. Some brands are ready to do anything to sell a maximum, even if it means leaving consumers on the quality or quantity of products. What kinds of practices should you be wary of? Europe 1 takes stock. Some brands play on the packaging to inflate the prices, It's called Shrinkflation , translate masked inflation.

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