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World: Russian authorities raise prices for gas and electricity to

How Germany ended reliance on Russian gas

  How Germany ended reliance on Russian gas Russia's invasion of Ukraine forced Germany to cut its dependence on gas from the east - and fast.But fast forward a few months and, as lights sparkle in the Christmas markets, there is a sense of tentative optimism in the Glühwein spiced air. Germany's hastily assembled strategy to manage without Russian gas appears - for now - to be working.

The Russian authorities significantly heat inflation by raising the state -regulated additional cost tariffs. According to media information, prices for gas increase by 8.5 percent, for electricity by 9 percent. Water and heat supply also becomes more expensive. It is already the second tariff increase in the current year.

Moskau in den Abendstunden. © Soeren Stache/dpa Moscow in the evening.

normally the government raises prices to July. This year the additional costs rose by four percent. At the beginning of autumn, however, the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced that the tariffs will be raised again in December due to the need for repairs to the gas and heat lines. This is intended to transfer the costs to consumers.

The Russian citizens have struggled with a double -digit inflation rate since the beginning of the war. Although the ruble has been increasingly expensive compared to the leading currencies since then, technical equipment and other imported goods have become more expensive.

The hope expressed by some economic experts that gas on the internal market will become cheaper after reducing raw material exports. According to surveys, the salary of 43 percent of the population does not last until the end of the month.

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