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World: DHL expansion of the Airport Leipzig/Hall

Some Perth residents told to drink bottled water over contamination fears

  Some Perth residents told to drink bottled water over contamination fears Residents living near Jandakot Airport have been warned their water is contaminated by a toxic firefighting chemical. Fay Arcarco has watered her vegetable garden, bathed her grandchildren and drank from her groundwater tank for 22 years, but now is being told the water is too unsafe to use. A letter from Jandakot Airport Holdings notified residents in the land to the north-west corner of the airport their water was contaminated by PFAS, the same toxic firefighting chemical which was revealed to have contaminated land surrounding Pearce Air Base in Bullsbrook in 2018.

The shipping company DHL Express firmly expects the extension of the Leipzig/Halle Airport. «Such a large cargo airport is an advantage for the region. DHL Express has 7,000 employees today, around 25,000 jobs depend on the turnstile, »said Elio Curti, head of the Leipzig DHL turn, the“ Leipziger Volkszeitung ”(Thursday edition). In addition to the legitimate interest of those affected in the airport environment, there is also a social interest.

Das Logo des Paketdienstes DHL der Deutschen Post auf der Fassade eines Paketzentrums. © Patrick Pleul/DPA central picture/dpa/archive image The logo of the parcel service DHL of Deutsche Post on the facade of a parcel center.

Mitteldeutsche Airport AG wants to invest 500 million euros in the expansion of the Airport Leipzig/Hall. Among other things, the number of parking spaces for freight aircraft is intended to increase significantly. Leipzig/Halle is the second largest freight airport in Germany behind Frankfurt and in Europe number four. There is a night flight permit for the cargo. In view of the climate crisis, the opponents of expansion criticize the project as completely out of time.

Christmas delivery! Endangered gorilla begins new life in London

  Christmas delivery! Endangered gorilla begins new life in London A critically endangered gorilla is settling into his new home in the British capital after a first-class flight from Tenerife. © Other Kiburi is settling into his new home. Pic: ZSL London Zoo Getting in nice and early before the Christmas delivery pile-up, London Zoo had Kiburi shipped over by DHL.After a 1,903-mile door-to-door journey in a large custom-built crate - which included an onboard meal of leafy greens, leeks, a banana, and cold fruit tea - the 18-year-old stayed overnight at Heathrow before heading to the zoo.

DHL Express claims to be more space to be able to handle larger aircraft. With larger machines, the number of nightly flights can be kept stable even if the freight volume is growing.

The fleet renewal would also accommodate residents near the airport, said Curti. The new machines are quieter and used less fuel. If the expansion does not come, you have to continue to fly with the existing, mostly smaller machines.

The planning approval process for the expansion of the airport had started in mid -November 2020. More than 6,500 objections have now been received by the responsible state directorate of Saxony. When a decision will be made is open.

Left with “Leipzig explanation” at a distance to Wagenknecht .
Social Security, well -rewarded work, strict climate protection and peace: The left tries to catch up again with clear priorities and to overcome internal arguments. According to information from party circles, the party and faction peaks from the federal and state governments agreed on a crisis meeting in Leipzig on Saturday at a crisis meeting in Leipzig.

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