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World: hospitals: Corona hardly relevant in intensive care units. In the meantime, the proportion of corona patients in the intensive care units are less than five percent, said the President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Court and E

Number of respiratory diseases over the pre -Pandemic years

 Number of respiratory diseases over the pre -Pandemic years at Corona there is still no increasing trend - there is a clear plus for other respiratory diseases. And the RKI says that it is to be expected to increase further increasing values. © provided by SZ-Sächsische Zeitung In the reported Corona cases in Germany, the trend remains decreasing according to Robert Koch-Institut (RKI).

© provided by Berliner Zeitung   Krankenhäuser: Corona auf Intensivstationen kaum noch relevant currently there is a plateau of around 900 covid patients. A year ago there were a good 5000 seriously ill, said Marx, who is also director of the Clinic for Intensive Care Medicine and Intermediate Care at the University Hospital Aachen. "However, these are usually older, ie 70 to 80-year-old patients." The capacities among the ventilation devices are far from exhausted. "This expresses again that we provide significantly less seriously ill patients with corona infections," said the doctor. with the clinic staff and especially in nursing, the pandemic has left significant traces. For example, would have had to be dismantled around 2000 intensive care beds due to lack of personnel

, which the capacity on free beds had partially pushed to less than ten percent, explained Marx. As a rule, the staff did not completely leave the clinics, but because of the permanently extreme working conditions, reduced the workload to 80 or 75 percent instead.

RSV wave lets children's clinics run: Immunologist makes corona policy responsible

 RSV wave lets children's clinics run: Immunologist makes corona policy responsible Munich-many children's clinics in Germany are overcrowded. The reason for this is the strong increase in infections with the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Small children in particular are affected by severe courses. Immunologist Dr. Peter Schleicher from Munich blames Corona Policy for the strong increase in RSV infections in children. © Marijan Murat/dpa A young RSV patient is located in a bedside on the children's ward of the Olgahospital of the Klinkum Stuttgart.

The director of the Clinic for Trauma Surgery at the University Hospital Magdeburg, Felix Walcher called for psychosocial support from the employees in order to strengthen their psychological and physical resistance. "The hospital operators who have to understand politics that these structures have to be built up," warned Walcher. This also includes adequate financing. Even if most Corona patients are no longer in the hospitals because of the pandemic, but because of other symptoms, the director of the Intensive Care Medicine Clinic at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, Stefan Kluge, continues for


. One or two vaccinations were not enough for good protection, according to the specialist. "Three vaccinations under 60 and four vaccinations over 60 shooters well from a difficult course."

flu wave in Austria: Viennese clinics are supposed to reject certain patients .
flu wave in Austria: Vienna clinics are supposed to reject certain patients in Austria, the first flu wave has been noticeable in the clinics since the beginning of Corona pandemic. The Vienna Health Association now made a sensational decision. Munich - Germany is not alone in the clinics with its emergency. In Austria, too, the wave of illness is difficult for the health system.

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