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World: MSF warns against the impact of closing the health detention centers of migrants and refugees in Greece.

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Archive - Nouveau centre de détention pour migrants à Samos, Grèce - NIK OIKO / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO © provided by News 360 Archive - New detention center for migrants in Samos, Greece - Nik Oiko / Zuma Press / Contactophoto

The NGO Doctors Without Borders (MSF) warned on Monday against the impact of the model of Center for closed detention on the health of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers on the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea, one year after the opening of the first center of this type in Samos.

In a declaration, the organization indicated that people arriving on the island are "confined in the controlled access center in Zervou, in an isolated and highly secure place, where it is very difficult for them to be treated, receive legal processing or advice ".

,240 migrants were rescued while they were trying the crossing towards England

,240 migrants were rescued while they were trying the crossing towards England © Pascal Rossignol / Reuters A migrant warmed with a survival coverage, in Boulogne-sur-Mer on November 29, 2022, after being rescued By a French maritime protective ship while the boat in which he traveled with 60 other people began to take water in the round more than 240 people who were trying to join the United Kingdom aboard makeshift boats were Stayed between Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 November 2022, according to the prefecture of the Manche and the North Sea.

The center of Zervou, as well as those of Leros and Kos and those planned for 2023 in Lesvos et Chios, are "the result of an aggressive containment policy, funded by the European Union (EU), aimed at opening Centers with controlled access "in remote places of five islands of the Aegean Sea", indicates the text, which warns that there "people in search of safety are confined during the processing of their asylum application".

These people, Prevents MSF, "arrive in Greece in distress because most fled conflicts or persecution in their country of origin, and many have suffered appalling violence during their trip". "

" people from the center of Zervou tell us that they have survived the trafficking of human beings, sexual assault, forced work and tobacco passages, "explains Nicholas Papachrysostomou, general coordinator of MSF." Some people have witnessed the death of family members during Previous Re forced towers or shipwrecks. The detention centers do not meet their basic needs and unnecessarily harm their mental and physical health, "he said.

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  Two bombs target Italy’s embassy cars in Greece, no injuries One of the homemade explosive devices damages a car parked at the home of an embassy staff, the other does not go off.There was no immediate claim of responsibility and officers said they were investigating.

he stressed that MSF's experiences show" the dangers of closed centers "and highlight that "asylum seekers must have access to quality medical care and in good time".

"the authorities should invest in dignified reception conditions and safe accommodation, such as housing within communities, and Create integration programs. Everyone needs a safe, favorable and human environment to be able to register and process their asylum request without risk of retraumatization, as required by international law, European law and national law, "she said .

MSF medical care denounced that the main deficiency is "lack of access to health care". Sonia Balleron, MSF project coordinator in Samos, explains that these are "people who have been traveling for a long time without care medical ".

However, since February 2022, the center has only been visited by medical staff occasionally and for only a few hours. Health care inside the centers remain problematic due to the persistent lack of staff medical and medical equipment.

MSF warned that people who have experienced traumatic experiences "suffer from a deterioration of their mental health due to the conditions of detention in the centers and infrastructure of S Egregation and security ".

Between September 2021 and September 2022, 40 % of people suffering from mental health problems treated by MSF in Samos had symptoms linked to psychological trauma.

"Now, everyone has a basic level of psychological distress," said Elise Loyens, MSF medical coordinator in Greece, noting that "this is always present with the same symptoms: bodily pain, dissociation, depression, disorders sleep". "People feel humiliated under these conditions," she added.

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