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World: Snowstorm and Minus 20 degrees: Cold-Klops "Erik" in the march

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  How Joe Biden suckered Europe Boxed in, the European Union is failing the test of the war in Ukraine.Ever since Russia took Europe by surprise in Ukraine, America has taken its transatlantic partner for granted. With a new type of cold war emerging between Moscow and Washington, the continent has been left in the cold, literally and figuratively.

Holla, what's rolling towards us? Whether referred to as the cold clops or a frier meatball, the result is the same: it gets really cold in Germany!

Schneesturm und Minustemperaturen © DREEF/ISTOCK Snowstorm and minus temperatures

that was actually not to be expected after all the mild weeks, but now it is actually really frosty . The breeding ground for extremely low temperatures is once again Siberia. From there, the deep "Erik" shovels a real cold toilet towards Europe and of course also to Germany.

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Weather. Temperatures below seasonal normal this weekend

 Weather. Temperatures below seasonal normal this weekend © Stéphane Cugnier of low precipitation in the form of rain and mixed snow will affect the central massif and the Alps, but also the Norman hills. The first days of December mark the real start of winter. The arrival of a cold air mass makes mercury lower. Temperatures will remain below seasonal normal throughout the weekend and in the coming days, but without excessive cold. The weekend is marked by installing a disturbance on France.

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after it looked as if

could be the thermostats of the republic , especially with regard to the general savings efforts Because of the madness of energy price , continues to be literally small flame, it is now definitely over, as determines . "Erik" has come to remain

Diplom meteorologist

Dominik Jung from summarizes this: "Exactly in the energy crisis, December has been really freezing again for years. Now it is largely with energy saving Gone or quite difficult. The early winter has come to stay for a long time. Energy consumption will continue to increase until the 3rd Advent. "

The corner, from the

Cold Hoch "Erik", currently delivers stable -50 degrees , because Western European lows cannot currently arrive. "The high is stable, tough, hardly moves. Therefore, everything stays the same, except that the cold is slowly getting closer. The weather conditions have been stuck," confirms Jung.

Brrrrrrr-ace yourself! Heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures as cold snap sweeps UK

  Brrrrrrr-ace yourself! Heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures as cold snap sweeps UK Temperatures are set to plummet below -8C (17.6F) in parts of the UK by the middle of the week, with the Met Office issuing a warning for heavy snow in Scotland. © PA Snow-covered fields near Banchory, Scotland. File pic An Arctic chill is expected to sweep the country, bringing with it below-average temperatures for the time of year as winter begins to bite, with easterly winds expected to shift to the north.The Met Office has put a yellow snow warning in place for Wednesday, which it says may cause disruption to road, bus and train journeys.

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and what are

the view for Germany? Wetterfrosch Jung has the answer: "The extreme cold has moved close to us. We sometimes have snowfall again in a strip this morning. From the 3rd Advent there is a common frost, there can then be snow down to the whole and it remains partly. "

The next week can be summarized as follows: until

Wednesday still growth and cold, little sun, but still plus degrees, from Thursday then at a maximum just above freezing, but in parts of Germany definitely also in the minus area (to - - 3 degrees), with a mix of sun, clouds and isolated snow showers. On Sunday , the third Advent cold with snow showers.

Eight departments of the Grand Est remain in orange-snow-Verglas vigilance, Ile-de-France returns to yellow .
© Emmanuel Dunand Two people walk on a snow-capped alley of Soisy-sur-Seine, in the southern suburbs of Paris , on December 14, 2022 eight departments of the Grand Est remained in orange-snow-Verglas alert Thursday morning while the Paris region went back in yellow, on the third day of a winter episode which caused the suspension of many school transport, but the situation should return to normal at airports.

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