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World: War in Ukraine: The United States claim "not encouraging" kyiv to strike Russia

NATO commits to Ukraine membership, support against Russia: 'Keep calm and give tanks'

  NATO commits to Ukraine membership, support against Russia: 'Keep calm and give tanks' NATO member states have committed to continue supporting Ukraine as Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stresses the need to defeat Russian President Vladimir Putin.Representatives from NATO member states met in Romania to drum up support for Ukraine after devastating missile strikes left the country without power in some areas. Some nations committed military aid to help Kyiv maintain its defense, but most importantly the member states vowed to keep Ukraine on track to join the alliance.

Washington declares to provide Ukraine only "what it needs to have it used on its sovereign territory"

De la fumée provenant de l’aéroport de Kursk en Russie attribuée par Moscou à une attaque ukrainienne, le 6 décembre 2022. © Administration of The Kursk Regi of smoke from Kursk Airport in Russia attributed by Moscow to a Ukrainian attack on December 6, 2022. MODERATION - WASHINGTON declares to provide Ukraine only "what she needs to Used on its sovereign territory ”

Washington does not want to see the conflict extend outside the borders of Ukraine. The United States therefore said on Tuesday "not encouraging" Ukraine to launch strikes in Russia after drone attacks considered to be emanating from kyiv on several Russian air bases.

Ex-NATO chief says Russian army disorganised, using old weapons

  Ex-NATO chief says Russian army disorganised, using old weapons Al Jazeera interviews Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO’s chief from 2009 until 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea.Earlier this week, at a NATO meeting in Bucharest, Romania, the alliance’s chief Jens Stoltenberg accused Russia of using “winter as a weapon of war”.

"We do not encourage and we do not help Ukraine to launch strikes in Russia," said American diplomacy Antony Blinken. "But what must be understood is that the Ukrainians live every day with the Russian aggression that continues," he added, accusing Moscow of "making winter a weapon" by bombing the Civil infrastructure of Ukraine.

Russia reports three dead

"What we are determined to be to make them have in hand - with (the help of) many other partners in the world - the equipment they need to defend themselves, defend their territory and defend their freedom, "he added.

Experts think that Ukraine would have entered Russian airspace with drones dating from the Soviet era and not with the billions of dollars of military aid granted by the Western powers since the invasion of the territory by the Russia on February 24. Asked a little earlier about these operations, the spokesperson for the State Department, Ned Price, was careful not to allocate the recent drone strikes to kyiv, who did not claim them. Russia reported three dead and two damaged planes during one of these attacks that have targeted bases on its territory.

Biden and Putin just said they’re open to talks. Don’t count on it happening soon.

  Biden and Putin just said they’re open to talks. Don’t count on it happening soon. The president’s statements on talks with Russia aren’t that different from his previous positions.Biden made the remarks during an official state visit from French President Emmanuel Macron, whose decision to try and engage Putin in talks during the course of the invasion has been met with little success, as well as some frustration with from allies like the US.

"We provide Ukraine what it needs to be used on its sovereign territory - on Ukrainian soil - to face the Russian aggressor," said Ned Price. He had also not wanted to comment on information from the Wall Street Journal according to which the United States has modified Himars intended for Ukraine, very powerful and sophisticated artillery systems, to prevent them from being used in order to attack Russia.

Joe Biden said publicly that he did not encourage Ukraine to acquire long-range missiles, dreading an escalation that could lead the United States to play a more direct role against Russia. Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, who was speaking alongside Antony Blinken after interviews with their Australian counterparts, stressed that the United States did not prevent Ukraine from developing its own long-range missiles .

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Ukraine accuses Russia of torturing children in Kharkiv region as missile attack thwarted .
Ukrainian authorities claim they have discovered evidence of children being tortured in territories formerly occupied by the Russian army.Ukraine's human rights chief, Dmytro Lubinets, said in a news briefing on Wednesday that torture chambers allegedly for children accused of resisting Russian forces were found in parts of north-eastern and southern Ukraine recaptured by Kyiv's counteroffensive.

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