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World: "Hinterland", an expressionist thriller where John Doe Hante "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari": Steampunk and already cult

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between "Seven" from 1995 and the classic of 1919 which invented expressionism in the cinema, "Hinterland" is A surprising aesthetic object.

The generic passed, all as a reminder in Kokoshka, an Austrian expressionist painter of the post-prime world war, Hinterland, on the screens on Wednesday December 28, visualizes the "caligar" facades of a Vienna 1920. Against the background of serials in series in series , "Dark" and violent, the film won the public prize at the last Locarno festival.

Magic lantern

two years after the armistice of 1918, Peter Perg returns from captivity in Vienna. He is recognized as a supporter of the Austro-Hungarian Empire who has just lost the war. His rare former companions, dispersed in the city, are murdered one after the other according to sadistic and coded rituals. Peter, ex-cop, is asked by his pre-war friend Paul Severin to help him solve the case. As the murders line up, the veteran benefits from the unexpected help of a medical examiner, Theresa Korner, and opposes a young sympathizer of the Viennese Bolshevical movements, the future Nazi. Only one hope guides him: find his wife and daughter.

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The sophisticated visual of the film recalls that of Eric Rohmer in his English and the Duke, where actors appear by transparency on watercolors. In Hinterland, the blue funds, filled with digital sets, replace the paintings and are in the cannons of video games. The objective is the same sensitivity. That of Rohmer towards the 18th century, and Hinterland with regard to the 1920s: an impression of projection of magic lantern anime. No matter the bottle as long as you have drunkenness. Even if it is more vibrant at the French director.

Tears, sweat and blood

located at the time of the Eye of the Bergman Serpent, linked to an urban darkness, Hinterland fomes a steampunk aesthetic, this fringe of science fiction at the crossroads of the 19th century and Cybermonds. An aesthetic invention that illustrated The Crow or Dark City in the 90s, beautiful Gothic offspring of the Batman of Tim Burton (1989). This good surprise, the Austrian director Stefan Ruzowitzky develops a film Noir, lacerated to the torture that a revenge and tough killer inflicts. His clues and his mobile, very devious, point to some "men like the others" who have fierce on their fellow men.

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Expressionism and Gore combine in this evocation of an early century, rare on the screen. In an original and beautiful form, her excesses included, she assumes herself aesthetic. The film is part of an illustrative vein, combining virtual sets and real actors. Second recent Austrian film released in France, after Corset on Sissi, the Austro-Hungarian Empire is in their sights. But if their looks differ, in style and point of view, it is interesting to observe that they follow themselves in their chronology of local history, and are made by an Austrian and an Austrian. The empress was murdered just twenty years before the armistice and, between the two, a war changed the face of the world. In both cases, it was a bath of tears, sweat and blood. Hinterland's spitting portrait.

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Historical drama

Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky Actors:

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Murathan Muslu, Max von der Groeben, Liv Lisa Fries


Austria / Luxembourg





December 2022 Distributor:


Warning: Scenes, words or images can strike the sensitivity of spectators


Vienne, 1920. After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire , Peter Perg, a soldier of the Great War, returns from captivity. Everything has changed in his city, where unemployment and nationalist impulses take a little more magnitude every day. He feels foreign to his house. Suddenly, several veterans are brutally murdered. Closely affected by these crimes, Peter Perg allies with Theresa Korner, a medical examiner, to investigate. As he discovered, Peter finds himself in spite of himself mixed with events and must face crucial choices in a hunt for the appearance of an expressionist thriller.

Italo Bettiol, the creator of the legendary animation series "Chapi Chapo", died at 96 years .
The artist, who originally intended for a career as an artist-painter, will finally throw his devolved on animation cinema. © supplied by Franceinfo Italo Bettiol, the creator of Chapi Chapo, "died peacefully" Wednesday December 28 at the age of 96 at his home in Aniane in Hérault, said Eric Valin, "historic collaborator and Friend of the family ", quoted in a press release from the Magic company, representing the rights of Chapi Chapo.

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