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World: Italy demands Corona tests

"With your back to the wall": District office desperately on asylum situation

 "With your back to the wall": District office desperately on asylum situation "We stand with our backs to the wall", according to the district office. Asylum seekers come to the district week after week. District - While the refugee buses continue to occur, the district of Ebersberg runs out.

from Chinese passengers after the Corona measures canceled China's freedom of travel of its citizens. But in some countries they encounter hurdles.

Nicht wie weg - Passagiere auf dem Flughafen in Peking © Kyodo/Picture Alliance not like away-Passengers at the airport in Beijing

Italy is the first EU country to introduce mandatory corona tests for all travelers from China. "The measure is essential to ensure the surveillance and recognition of any variants of the virus to protect the Italian population," said Health Minister Orazio Schillaci.

The Italian region of Lombardy already introduced the screening on Tuesday. The Lombardy was the first region to block a block in early 2020, met Coronavirus Europa . The Foreign Ministry said that the information from China at Malpensa Airport is to apply at least until January 30th at the Malpensa Airport at least until January 30th.

Which European nations are handling the energy crisis best?

  Which European nations are handling the energy crisis best? France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Greece are doing some things right, but face challenging times ahead, say experts.Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February this year exacerbated supply issues and led to the cost of imported natural gas spiralling upward. Governments across Europe have tried a diverse set of measures to shield citizens from the worst effects of surging prices while keeping their economies afloat. But worker strikes and burgeoning street demonstrations in multiple cities show that the pain is real and deep for millions of people.

Schmerzliche Erinnerung an 2020 in Bergamo: Militär-LKWs mussten beim Transport der Särge helfen © Carlo Cozzoli/Independent Photo/Imago Images Painful memory of 2020 in Bergamo: Military trucks had to help you transport the coffins. also consider Taiwan and the USA Covid entry restrictions for travelers from China. "In the international community there is growing concern via The persistent Covid 19 waves in China and the lack of transparent data , including viral genome sequence data that are reported from the VR China," said the US officials with regard to the People's Republic of China.

Smokes that have been collected in Malpensa in the past few days are already analyzed by the National Ministry of Health to help identify new variants.

© DW Immer wieder Mutationen - wie sieht das Corona-Virus heute aus? Mutations again and again - what does the Corona virus look like today? Germany still reserved Germany for the time being, with entry restrictions on loosened travel arrangements of China. "We are watching the situation in China very, very carefully," said a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health. With regard to Corona cases, however, there is currently no indication that "a more dangerous mutation developed in this outbreak in China that would be the reason to declare a virus variant area - which would then result in corresponding travel restrictions". In early December, Beijing had moved away from his strict zero-covid policy in a radical U-turn. Since then, the Coronavirus in China has spread rapidly, the country is experiencing the world's highest increase in infections. It is estimated that around one million people in China could die from the consequences of a Corona infection in the coming months. Nevertheless, the country had abolished the quarantine for travelers in the late Monday from January 8th. The step was cheered by Chinese citizens who hurried to book international flights.

FAB/UH (RTR, dpa, AFP)

Lauterbach: Fast end of the Corona protection measures "not really sensible" .
in the debate about the future of the Corona insulation measures warns Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) of premature decisions. "In my view, it would make little sense to drop all measures," he said on Tuesday evening in the "Today Journal" of ZDF. Germany is "in a bad situation, the hospitals are totally full, the staff is overloaded." In addition, 100 to 150 people with or on Corona would continue to die a day. "So a very fast opening here doesn't really make sense." © John Ma

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