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World: Federal Government calls for a redemption of the ban on working for women in Afghanistan

White House condemns the "regrettable" decision of the Taliban to deny women access to universities

 White House condemns the The White House on Tuesday the "unacceptable" decision of the Taliban sentenced a veto against the approval of Afghan women to public and private universities as a whole Land. © provided by News 360 Archive - Taliban members hold guard at a control point in Kabul.

The Federal Government has asked Taliban in Afghanistan to "reverse the work ban on women in non -governmental organizations". The cooperation of women in non -governmental organizations (NGO) is "essential to ensure the humanitarian care of the entire population," said the spokesman for the Federal Foreign Office, Christofer Burger, on Wednesday in Berlin. "It is also absolutely unacceptable and unique in this world that girls and women have recently been prohibited from attending universities and high schools."

  Bundesregierung fordert Rücknahme des Arbeitsverbots für Frauen in Afghanistan © provided by Berliner Zeitung The Federal Foreign Office is currently very close with its international partners further procedure. What effects the decision of the Taliban

will have on the provision of humanitarian aid is currently being discussed in the circle of the donor countries and the organizations on site. "Before the payment of further funds, we will check how and to what extent services are still possible, while maintaining the humanitarian principles," said the spokesman. However, there are currently no financing decisions. The funds for humanitarian aid for 2022 are paid out. The Ministry of Development Aid has "stopped" its aid projects in

Taliban university ban on women condemned

  Taliban university ban on women condemned Foreign Minister Penny Wong has declared solidarity with Afghan women after the Taliban moved to ban female students from universities.In a joint statement released on Thursday, Australia is among the US and UK, France, Germany, Japan and others rebuking the Taliban's "relentless and systemic" oppression of women and girls in Afghanistan since taking power.


. Running costs such as salaries of the employees there would be further paid. The

Humanitarian Location in Afghanistan is considered precarious

. The economy has collapsed since the withdrawal of international troops. The United Nations and their partners, including national and international NGOs, are currently supporting more than 28 million Afghans according to UN information for their survival of humanitarian aid. An estimated 37 million people live in the country. The Taliban has massively restricted women's rights since their

takeover in August 2021

. Many women were no longer allowed to return to their jobs. girls and women are now largely excluded from public life . A few days ago, the Islamists banished women from all universities.

These Afghan women are risking their lives to protest against the Taliban's university ban .
When the Taliban announced women would no longer be allowed to attend university under their strict interpretation of Sharia law, these students took to the street, defiant and ready for their voices to be heard. But it doesn't take long for sirens to start blaring from a Taliban car following the women."Our protest plan was for the Taliban to open the university, but the Taliban were against this protest and arrested the girls and tortured most of them with handcuffs and whips," Basira told the ABC."I managed to escape with some of the women, but our mental and physical condition is not good.

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