Auto Shows: mushrooms in Bavaria, some of them, still continued to be radioactive

secret heroes of the forest - vegetarian runner kitchen

 secret heroes of the forest - vegetarian runner kitchen © getty images burrito with oyster mushrooms oyster mushrooms not only offer vitamins (B, C and D), but also plenty of vegetable protein (all essential amino acids) and a lot of iron. This makes them ideal for vegetarians.

mushrooms in Bavaria, even decades after the Chernobyl disaster, are still burdened with radioactive cesium. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BFS) on this pointed out on Monday in Salzgitter after the publication of the new mushroom report. The mushrooms are mainly contaminated with Caesium-137 isotopes, which mainly come from the reactor accident in Chernobyl in April 1986.

Zwei Maronenröhrlinge stehen im Wald. © Picture Alliance / dpa Two chestnut roles are in the forest.

Caesium-137 can store itself in the bone tissue according to the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and damage the genetic material there. In the long term, this can lead to bone cancer and leukemia.

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The BFS examines wild -growing mushrooms annually at eight locations in Bavaria for a load on the isotope. Accordingly, the Bavarian Forest, Mittenwald on the border with Austria and the Donaumoos southwest of Ingolstadt are particularly affected. According to the Federal Office, over 4000 Becquerel Caesium-137 per kilogram of mushrooms were measured. The limit for mushrooms in retail is 600 Becquerel.

"As a rule of thumb, the inclusion of 80,000 Becquerel Caesium-137 with food in adults leads to radiation exposure of around 1 millisievert," the report says. For comparison: The average radiation exposure from natural sources in Germany is 2.1 millisievert within one year.

The radiation exposure is comparatively low if wild -growing mushrooms are consumed in usual quantities. BfS President Inge Paulini nevertheless advises that mushrooms collected in Bavaria only consume in moderation "to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure". According to the Federal Office,

are particularly stressful, among other things, bread stop mushrooms, red -brown bread stop mushrooms, chestnuts and trumpet chants. Bleeding forest mushrooms, saffron giant umbrellas, brown-scaly giant mushrooms and star-scaly giant skirts are rather harmless. Breeding mushrooms such as mushrooms and oysters are hardly burdened.

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