Auto Shows: At the Petit Palais, the limitless creation of André Devambez is revealed to the public

Not seen on TV in Good Singers (TF1): Behind the scenes of Chris Marques

 Not seen on TV in Good Singers (TF1): Behind the scenes of Chris Marques © Christophe Chevalin / TF1 not seen on TV in Good Singers (TF1): Backstage of Chris Marques's first shooting The shooting of Good Singers, the program embodied by Chris Marques, took place on February 17, 2022. Télé-Loisirs was and tells you! February 2022. In a rainy weather, the masked crowd was raised in front of the TF1 recording studios in Saint-Denis. The health pass was still in force during this period.

The Petit Palais likes unclassifiable artists. For this new exhibition season, place in André Devambez, a humorous illustrator from the beginning of the 20th century, with an unlimited imagination. The French painter and illustrator was a lover of transport means.

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of the endless ideas

because the illustrator had many ideas, like the Direblobus, a bus transformed into airship. An invention that came out of the stuffing spirit of Devambez and lying on paper that could be useful to us. "He invents new means of transport, including the Direblobus, which will make it possible to fly over the Place de l'Opéra, cluttered by traffic jams," explains Annick Lemoine, the director of the Petit Palais, who claims to have loved working on this illustrator.

Death of Elizabeth II: Charles III must be proclaimed king after a highly codified process

 Death of Elizabeth II: Charles III must be proclaimed king after a highly codified process © Christophe ENA / AP British King Charles III greets visitors to the palace of Buckingham, who came to pay tribute to Elizabeth II, in London September 9, 2022. Charles III must be proclaimed king, Saturday, September 10, after the meeting of the accession council, a group of dignitaries which must meet in London in the morning and according to very codified rites.

Despite Centenary works, Dévambez keeps a resolutely modern style and even recalls the world of manga, as on this board representing metro users. On the drawing, visitors will be able to observe a hundred small characters, with all different expressions.

Métro pointe © supplied by Europe 1 Metro Pointe

"The peak hour in the" André Devambez metro, © Paris Museums / Museum Carnavalet - History of Paris

"It is modernity that fascinates him"

"Devambez is An tireless observer and he likes to paint the crowd. He has a taste for the teeming crowd, the little characters. And again, it is the testimony of this modern life. The metro is modernity that fascinates him and that 'He will take as a subject, which is completely original, "explains Annick Lemoine at the microphone of Europe 1.

Other jokes await the visitor as drawings on dishes, youth illustrations or tables of the waist with one hand. An exhibition in partnership with Europe 1, to be found at Petit Palais , from September 9 to December 31, 2022.

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