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Enthusiasts: A charitable match from Las Palmas for Victims of Volcanic Eruption

A Franco Israeli Diamond Scam Diamond Network After being discovered in Angers

 A Franco Israeli Diamond Scam Diamond Network After being discovered in Angers © Reuters Archive The French judicial police managed to dismantle a vast network of Franco Israeli scam. More than 800 diamonds hidden under a bed and 1,200 victims identified. This is the record of the activity of a Franco Israeli scam, specializing in fraudulent investment in the diamond. He was dismantled by the judicial police after several years of investigation. The investigation started at Angers SCO (Maine-et-Loire). The survey starts in August 2017 in Angers (Maine-et-Loire).

  Un match caritatif de Las Palmas au profit des victimes de l’éruption volcanique © supplied by Sofoot

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Since 19 September the Volcano Cumbre Vieja ravages the island of La Palma in the Canaries. Faced with lava flows, local authorities are obliged to move some of the population. To help these people, the two local clubs - the UD Las Palmas (Liga Adelate) and the UD Granadilla Tenerife Egatesa (D1 Female) - organized Tuesday evening a charity whose revenue will be fully donated to the victims .

4.741 aficionados anena arena arena comprompete una entrada para Este día inolvidable y 3.373 presenciaron y tiñeron from Color Nuestras Gradas. ¡Gracias, Gracias y Gracias! #fuerzalapalma # launiónhacelapalma

A Brief History Of Gasoline: How Standard Oil Got Away With It

  A Brief History Of Gasoline: How Standard Oil Got Away With It The last installment of this series covered the rise of Standard Oil, the blueprint for every murderous modern corporation, but this week’s entry does not cover its fall. There has been no great defeat of Standard, as the little companies that it was broken into continue to evade judgement — real judgement — for their crimes. After each blow, Standard grew a new head; at each grasp Standard, became more slippery. This is the fifth story in a series of stories on the history of gasoline. So far, Jalopnik’s tech coverage has been focused primarily on the emergence, or reemergence of the electric vehicle.

- UD las palmas (@udlp_oficial) october 5, 2021

Small feature of this meeting: The two teams on the ground were mixed. The Players of the Granadilla Tenerife Egatesa have thus mixed with players from Las Palmas. Symbol of the unit that the two clubs wanted to display, the meeting logged on a parity score: 5-5. More than 3,000 people had moved for the occasion, for 4,741 seats sold.

A record that will be sprayed for the return of Drogba to Velodrome .

in Israel, Avian influenza decimates wild cranes .
© ayal margolin a dead cree lies on the ground at the hula lake preservation area in northern iSrael, saturday, dec. 25, 2021. bird flés has killed thousands of migratory cranks and Threaens Other Animals in Northern Israel Amid What Authorities Say Is The Deadliest Wildlife Disaster in The Nation's History. (Ayal Margolin / Jinipix via AP) At the edge of Lake Hula, in northern Israel, wild cranes beat wing. On recent images, we can see the titulous volatiles before collapse.

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