Enthusiasts: Frankfurter Stock Exchange: Trade in the Wirecard Share is exposed to mid-November

Comment: The new BaFin boss must fight for more independence from politics

 Comment: The new BaFin boss must fight for more independence from politics President Mark Branson has to use more independence of financial supervision. In terms of assertiveness, there is a model in neighboring Cologne. © DPA The new president wants to make a "supervisory authority of world class" from BaFin, the Brite said on Monday at his service in Bonn. The expectations of the new BaFin boss Mark Branson are huge. He should reform the German financial supervision for the Wirecard scandal and make powerful.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange sets a final point under the trade with the Wirecard share. The papers of the scandal company are excluded from the regulated market.

Der Verkauf von Wirecard-Anteilen ist ab dem 15. November deutlich erschwert. © DPA The sale of Wirecard shares is significantly more difficult from 15 November.

It is a technical final point - with consequences for the remaining investors. Within monthly period, the Frankfurter Stock Exchange revokes the approval of the Wirecard shares to the regulated market, the so-called General Standard. These can no longer be traded on the largest German stock market.

"The management of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has decided on 08.10,2021 to set the listing of the shares in the regulated market at the end of 15.11.2021," says in a message. At the same time "the price determination of the ordinary shares (...) are set". On request, no comment was received from the stock market.

Hardly moving on German stock market

 Hardly moving on German stock market The German stock market has not yet come into step after the strong week's current. In early trading, the guide index Dax fell slightly and lost 0.1 percent to 15,915.62 points. © Daniel Reinhardt / DPA The large display in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange shows the DAX curve and various stock market prices. The MDAX of the 60 medium-sized exchange values, on the other hand, was able to build with a plus of 0.08 percent to 36,245.49 meters to his pre-day gains.

For the remaining shareholders of Wirecard AG, ​​this is a bad signal. Although their shareholdings remain untouched at the company standing under insolvency administration in theory. However, a sale of the papers is significantly more difficult, even a market price can hardly be formed after delisting.

The Wirecard share recorded 17 cents on Wednesday afternoon and thus about five percent in the minus. With her record in September 2018 she was worth around 198 euros. According to detection of a billion-heavy balance sheet fraud in June 2020 , the Group collapsed within seven days of insolvency. CEO Markus Braun sits in custodial, asia chief Jan Marsalk is on the run.

In the interests of the shareholders and the other creditors of the Group, the insolvency administrator Michael Jaffé is trying to profitably exploit as many assets of the former stock market star as possible. In July, he sold the indian subsidiary to a single-digit million amount . The largest amount, over 300 million euros, brought the North American business. However, that shareholders will replace a large part of their loss in the context of insolvency proceedings, however, is unlikely.

Evergrande share with two-digit price jump: Evergrande places strongly on stock exchange - the second largest shareholder wants to sell overall share

 Evergrande share with two-digit price jump: Evergrande places strongly on stock exchange - the second largest shareholder wants to sell overall share The difficult-to-hit Chinese real estate company Evergrande has held strongly on Thursday despite persistent fears of payment defaults on the Hong Konger Stock Exchange. © Provided by finanzen.net Mike Clarke / AFP / Getty Images The Evergrande share made a jump for trading up to over 30 percent, but reduced the growth to a plus of around ten percent by noon. According to observers, investors reacted to an announcement from the previous day, after which the group could get some air.

As known in May, could even repay around 47 million euros in dividends , the annual reports for the years 2017 and 2018 should be annulled. The announced delisting of the stock by the Frankfurt Stock Exchange did not want to comment on a spokesman Jaffés on request.

In August 2020, the Wirecard share had already flown from the most important German stock index DAX. In January 2021, the trade in the electronic trading segment Xetra of Deutsche Börse ended.

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Frankfurt says again consumer goods measurements from .
because of the world's dynamic pandemielage, the Frankfurter trade fair company has again canceled its spring fairs for consumer goods. © Silas Stein / DPA The Frankfurt trade fair company suffers from the Corona Pandemic. also includes the world's leading trade fair "Ambiente", which was intended for mid-February and could not take place last year. At the last issue in 2020, more than 4500 exhibitors had used the platform on the entire Frankfurt exhibition center.

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