Enthusiasts: Corona: From 1 November no wages more for unvaccinated in quarantine - except for civil servants

Germany receives 2.25 billion euros from EU

 Germany receives 2.25 billion euros from EU Corona Auxiliary Funds. Among other things, the money should be issued for investment in climate-friendly hydrogen technology, digital public services as well as modernization and digitization of hospitals. © Arne Immanuel Bänsch More than two millennes euros have now been paid out from the EU Corona auxiliary Fund to Germany. Germany has received the first part of Corona help from the new European Building Fund. The competent EU Commission took 2.25 billion euros to the Federal Republic, as a

Unvaccinated workers at the latest of November 1st no compensation for their loss of earnings more , if they are due to a contact with Corona-infected in officially prescribed quarantine. The federal and state countries had decided at the end of September.

Spätestens vom 1. November an gibt es für Ungeimpfte in Quarantäne keine Lohnfortzahlung mehr. Das gilt aber nicht für Beamtinnen und Beamte. © dpa-tmn no later than 1 November, there is no contract payment for unvacaked in quarantine. But this does not apply to civil servants. Politics justifies the step that every adult has received a vaccination offer. That the state costs for loss of loss of loss is therefore no longer justifying. Some federal states such as Baden-Württemberg, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia had even stopped the loss of earnings a few weeks earlier.

Unvaccinated officials continue to receive their Sold

new rules: Only infected children should be in quarantine

 new rules: Only infected children should be in quarantine in North Rhine-Westphalia in North Rhine-Westphalia, in the case of Corona infections in schools and kitas, only the diseased children themselves in quarantine. This was announced by the NRW Ministry of Health on Tuesday evening in Düsseldorf. The applicable hygiene measures such as regular ventilation, testing and wearing medical masks are further adhered to. The necessary decrees and amendments should be published by the end of the week at the end of the week. © www.ksta.de The Ministry spoke

, however, the regulation does not apply to more than one million civil servants in Germany. You will receive your references even if you do not want to vaccinate and therefore need to be quarantined. Frank Zitka, press spokesman of the DBB civil servant and tariff Union, explains: "Officials do not receive a wage, but a salary of the state, as well as the wage continued payment for them does not apply."

Nevertheless, federal and state governments could meet a regulation. "If ingenious officials wanted to brush the salary during a quarantine, one could regulate that in the Grade Act. That would have to choose the federal government for the federal officials and each state for his national officials, "explains Zitka. "You did not do that."

Single Mecklenburg-Vorpommern announces equal treatment to

Corona Warning App: Update should be informed about refreshing vaccine

 Corona Warning App: Update should be informed about refreshing vaccine A new update of the Corona warning app plans for possible refresh vaccinations and offers the possibility to save and print the vaccination certificate as a PDF. © Shutterstock / Lupmotion The Corona warning app is updated regularly. Vaccination Certificate, Test Result, Risk Administration: According to the Federal Government, over 34 million in Germany use the Corona Warning App . It now gets an update to version 2.10 - and should be able to inform users and users in the future, inter alia, t

An exception is Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Unburvaged civil servants in quarantine will no longer be paid in quarantine. An appropriate letter with the necessary legal notices has already been sent to all ministries and supreme state authorities at the beginning of October, it says at the request of the editorial network of Germany (RND) from a government speaker. The regulation to eliminate the compensation payments in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern thus "time and effective also apply to civil servants".

The wage continuation in quarantine case regulates the Infection Protection Act. So far, all employees in quarantine have received up to six weeks further the full reward from their employer. This could retrieve the amounts in retrospect from the state. But this possibility is now eliminated in most cases.

exceptions for medical reasons

exceptions, but there are also employees: so uncovered would continue to pay reward during a domestic quarantine, if they can not be vaccinated for medical reasons. But then you need a corresponding certificate. The same applies to people, for which no vaccination recommendation has been submitted up to eight weeks before the quarantine. The Stiko currently recommends only pregnant women from the second pregnancy athrum the vaccine against the coronavirus.

According to Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 77 percent of over 18-year-olds are currently vaccinated in Germany. People who can not vaccinate or want to go in two cases in domestic quarantine: either if they had contact with a coronapositive person or when they return from a high-risk or virus variant area.

Corona infected get continued pay

The elimination of loss of loss of earnings is expressly applicable to these quarantine cases. People who themselves have been positively tested for the coronavirus have continued to be entitled to wage continued payment and, where appropriate, sickness benefit in the event of illness - even if they should not be vaccinated, it says on the Federal Government's website. Also continue, even Unvaccinated wage if they can work in the home office during quarantine.

THIS figures clarify: So many unvaccinated land with life-threatening Covid disease in intensive care units .
Again and again by corona vaccination breakthrough speech: fanatical opponents of vaccination provide the protective effect of vaccines and boosters question. They claim not the coronavirus'm sick, but vaccinations. Actually succeeds in Omikron variant of the coronavirus to outwit the immune system itself by repeatedly vaccinated. Thus, the virus is spreading faster than it had ever been the case with another variant, also vaccinated.

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