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Enthusiasts: longtime Norisring race manager Gernot Leistner is dead

to HSV off: Leistner finds new club

 to HSV off: Leistner finds new club only a few days after his contract resolution at the Hamburger SV Toni Leistner found a new club: The central defender changes to Belgium. © Provided by 90min Toni Leistner changes to Belgium | Thomas Eisenhuth / Getty Images The VV St. Truiden announced on Friday morning the commitment of the 31-year-old, who had left the HSV a few days ago - only one year after his arrival - again. In the future, the Belgian club will be trained by Bernd Hollerbach, who also has a HSV past, exercises.

Gernot Leistner, longtime race director at the Norisring and honorary chairman of the motorsport Clubs Nuremberg (MCN) is dead. This gave the MCN known last Sunday on his homepage and in the social networks known .

Motorsport photo © Motorsport Photo

Leistner joined the MCN 1951 at the age of 17 and eleven years later was elected to the race director. From 1978 "Mr. Norisring" filled the double role as a race director and club chairman. In 1990 he was also sports director of the Adac North Bavaria.

under the Leistner, which was excellently networked in international motorsport, the Norisring bloomed. He initiated the legendary 200 miles from the Norisring, which were denied by the group C-Bolids of the sports car World Cup in the 1980s. Leistner also brought DRM and DTM to Nuremberg. The latter drove there for the first time in 1984.

Marco Wittmann's BMW is served in car dealership in Speyer: the backgrounds

 Marco Wittmann's BMW is served in car dealership in Speyer: the backgrounds © Cuntz Speyer-Neustadt KG Marco Wittmanns BMW was maintained at the Autohaus Cuntz in Speyer Marco Wittmann undoubtedly counts to the losers of the DTM weekend in Hockenheim, which is why he topic of our Monday Column was. The Walkenhorst BMW pilot wrote a zerer at the penultimate weekend of the year and thus adopted itself from the title fight. He estimated his championship opportunities at 'Sport1' to "two percent".

A low point in the era of Leistner is the deadly accident of the Mexican Pedro Rodriguez at the 200-mile race in 1971. The tragedy caused the Norisring for security reasons to the known route length of 2.3 Kilometers was shortened. Only in September 2021 was named in Nuremberg a bridge to Rodriguez.

Rainer Braun honors Gernot Leistner

After "Mr. Norisring" had passed his offices in 2011 in 2011, he was elected honorary chairman of the MCN. To his succession, Leistner had taken care of himself. The death of Leistner also touches reporter legend Rainer Braun.

Braun writes in a personal obituary: "What he and his faithful companions have created over the course of more than 50 years has long since found his place in the history books of the German and international motorsports."

AVD Magazine with René Rast

 AVD Magazine with René Rast At the end of the motorsport weekend, Sport1 as usual is the AVD Motor & Sport Magazine. On Sunday, DTM Champion René Rast is guests. © Provided by AVD Magazine with René Rast This weekend, the Great DTM Final is on the Norisring. Before the last two races, with leaflets Liam Lawson, Kelvin van der Linde, Maximilian Götz and Marco Wittmann, are martially four drivers opportunities on the title.

Liam Lawson © Provil by Liam Lawson

Under Gernot Leistner flourished the Norisring event on

Photo: DTM

and on: "Under Leistner and his team, the Norisring became a cult event in Germany, comparable to Monaco and his F1-GP. Only that in Nuremberg everything was much more uncomplicated and human, contracts still completed by handshake and problems were highly uncomplicated. "

Gernot Leistner received numerous awards for its services. He was the bearer of the Federal Cross of Merit on the Band, the civic medal of the city of Nuremberg and the Ewald-Kroth-Medal in Gold with brilliant of the ADAC. He died after a long disease on 29 September at the age of 87 years.

with image material from ADAC.

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