Enthusiasts: Indre-et-Loire. A car affected by shooting a hunter on a departmental road

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Un accident de chasse s'est produit samedi 30 octobre en Indre-et-Loire, une voiture a été touchée par une balle. Photo d'illustration. © West-France A hunting accident occurred Saturday, October 30 in Indre-et-Loire, a car was touched by a bullet. Photo Stock Illustration.

On a departmental road of Indre-et-Loire, a couple's car was touched by a bullet pulled by a hunter, Saturday, October 30. The two occupants of the vehicle were not injured. A 75-year-old hunter would have recognized having shot.

The damage is fortunately materials. The car of a couple of retirees was touched by the bullet of an hunter , Saturday, October 30 in Indre-et-Loire . The vehicle lined a wood on a departmental road between new and Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine, reports France Blue Touraine .

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"We saw three hunters with orange fluo clothes, and a few moments after we heard a shock against the car" , explained the man to our colleagues. Surprised by an "Incredible Detonation" , the couple then stopped on the edge of the road. They thought they had rolled on an obstacle before discovering a bullet impact at the back of the vehicle.

"I did not sleep on the night"

one of the nearby hunters would have recognized having shot on a deer he had seen on the other side of the road. According to him, the ball would have been deflected by an obstacle, which is why she would have finished her race in the body of the car.

"We filled a finding ... Finally I filled the observation because the hunter was shaking like a sheet. He was very busy ", told the driver. "I have not slept at night" , told France Blue the hunter, aged 75, which would be at the origin of the shot. He also assured that he has never been responsible for an accident of this kind in 60 years of hunting.

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A reconstitution of the facts will be organized Monday, November 8 by the police and forest police.

The same day, in Ille-et-Vilaine, a motorist was touched at the neck level by a fighter shot while circulating on the four lanes between Nantes and Rennes. In a decade of encephalic death since Tuesday, the 67 year old man died Thursday, November 4th.

roads angry: "I have twenty years of seniority, I am at 11.32 euros per hour» .
© Marc Chaumeil in April 2020, in Déols (Indre) in confinement. They are part of the famous "second-line workers" who continued to turn the country during the first confinement, while the protections were almost non-existent. And those who still wait today the promised salary recognition for so long. Road drivers are called upon to mobilize this week at the national level by FO Transport, which exclaimed in a leaflet last week: "The smiches of the road have empty pockets." This Monday morning,

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