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Enthusiasts: SNCF. The commercial agents in Transilien station called for the strike Wednesday

response to DB's remains off - Strike begins

 response to DB's remains off - Strike begins The train drivers' union GDL has, despite a new offer of Deutsche Bahn their strike in passenger as planned start. © George Wendt / dpa A nationwide train drivers' strike in passenger has begun. until the early hours of the morning an official response was from the German train drivers union (GDL) on the advance from the train station. The labor dispute in passenger was, as planned, started at 2:00 am, the strike committee of the trade union announced on request.

Un train en gare de Marseille, en janvier 2018. Photo d’illustration. © Anne-Christine Poujlat / Archives AFP a train to Marseille station, in January 2018. Photo of illustration.

Several SNCF unions call for the commercial agents of Transilien stations in Île-de-France to strike on Wednesday this 1st December 2021. They intend to protest a plan of evolution of stations and require increases in wages and hiring .

Trade agents in Train station of Transilien, the regional network SNCF in Île-de-France , are called by several unions to strike on Wednesday, December 1 to denounce reorganizations and their working conditions .

The unions want the improvement of the working conditions

Who pays the new station? Tesla puts Brandenburg state government under pressure

 Who pays the new station? Tesla puts Brandenburg state government under pressure for the left faction in the Brandenburg Landtag is clear. Brandenburg gives Tesla a train station. That is not permitted, such a report. © Blaufisch123, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons Train Station Fangschleuse - The Zankapfel. A small regional station called Fangschleuse needs to be expanded because with a passenger volume of up to 14,000 employees of the new Tesla Werke in Brandenburg Grünheide is expected.

Protestant against the "dehumanization" of the stations and "the ultrapolyvalence" requested from these employees responsible for the sale of tickets or the information of the travelers in the station, The unions claim "best remuneration" , hirings and "the presence of railwaymen from the first to the last train station" , with "open wickets" .

The CGT-Cheminots, South Rail and Fo-Cheminots call on the strike on Wednesday on the entire Transilian network, while UNSA Rail and the CFDT-Cheminots join the Movement on the Sector of Paris-Nord ( Suburban trains from North Station, in Paris), said Emmanuelle Bigot, South Rail.

of the multiple claims

in Île-de-France, the commercial agents at the station are "all attacked" , accuse South-rail, UNSA and the CFDT in a common leaflet, where these unions inscurus against the elimination planned for "a quarantine" of positions on line H and "twenty" on RER B. An "subfection" that will work agents "on more extensive sectors" , with "more job" and "more flexibility" , while stopping the openings of the wickets in "extreme evening" and Sunday will decrease the "EVS" (variable elements of balance And so the remuneration, do they criticize.

GDL does not want to strike again

 GDL does not want to strike again For the time being, Berlin (Reuters) - the proof driver union GDL Plant wants to take a break in the workplug after the third and previously longest strike. © Reuters The Chairman of the Union German Locomotive Guide (GDL) Claus Weselsky holds a speech at a strike demo in front of the main train station in Berlin, Germany, September 6, 2021.

The decrease "can be 100 to 300 € on wages of 1 600-1 700 € net» , detailed Mrs. Bigot.

The project "Trajectories Stations" questioned

in a petition, the CGT-Railroads of Paris-Nord denounces the project "Trajectories Station" of the direction and its "19% less trains" on the line H, with "Stroke closures" and "Drastic reductions in human presence within the remaining few stations" . "In the short term" , the union fears an "" social plan for railways, starting with those of the commercial ". And "Dehumanization of stations often causes growing insecurity," he worries.

In its strike notice, South Rail regrets that

"the SNCF disorganizes the stations" and lists the current reorganizations of Transilien: one done in June on the Paris-East area, where "the management does not comply with compensation commitments "; those "under presentation" for Paris-Nord, Paris-Saint-Lazare and Paris-Rive Left; Then the one "announced" for Paris-Southeast.

Feast of December 31: Part of Ile-de-France's public transport will work all night .
© CCBY - Wikimedia - Mohamed Sy Metros Gare de l'Est in Paris. To avoid grouping in the healthy crisis, the RATP and the SNCF will operate all nights of the New Year's Eve several metro lines and RER on the same model as the previous years. part of the public transport network of Ile-de-France will work as every year any the night of St. Sylvestre despite the closure of the drinks at 02 hours of the morning, have we learned Thursday from the Regional Transport Authority.

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