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Enthusiasts: Senegal: Transparency International does not let go of the Petro-Tim

Senegal: The autonomous unions manifest against expensive life

 Senegal: The autonomous unions manifest against expensive life © C. IDRAC / RFI The Confederation of the Autonomous Trade Unions of Senegal showed this Thursday, September 30 in Dakar against the expensive life. The Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions (CSA) organized in Dakar a march against life expensive this Thursday, September 30th. A mobilization authorized by the prefecture, contrary to a previous demonstration to the call of civil society organizations on September 17th.

Des manifestants demandent plus de transparence dans la gouvernance des hydrocarbures, à Dakar, le 13 septembre 2019. case of protesters demand more transparency in the governance of hydrocarbons, in Dakar, September 13, 2019. the organization of fight against corruption Requests six foreign countries to open foreign agent corruption investigations, in the allocation of oil contracts in Senegal in 2012. At the time, the businessman Franck Timis would have bribed from senior Senegalese officials, of whom The brother of the president, Aliou Sall. If it has been bleached since, Franck Timis actions remain to be lightened according to Transparency.

In 2012, the Australo-Romanian Franck Timis businessman serves as an intermediary to help the Singapouro-Malaysian Eddie Wong acquire two oil fields. In this

Petro-Tim case, Aliou Sall, Brother of Senegalese President, was forced to resign, before benefiting, a year ago, a non-place of justice from his country . But for Transparency International, that does not mean that Franck Timis and Eddie Wong have nothing to reproach. Only, the NGO points out the limits of Senegalese justice and hopes that a foreign jurisdiction seizes the case. This is why six countries, including the United States, Romania, Australia and Singapore have been arrested.

Senegal: controversy around school skipboat policies

 Senegal: controversy around school skipboat policies © Facebook / Mame Boye Diao Picture published on the Facebook page of Mame Boye Diao. Notebooks and peaks to the effigy of political figures make controversy in Senegal. On the occasion of the start of the school year, supplies were distributed free of charge to students by some officials, with their photos appearing on it. This raises question, especially in perspective of the local elections scheduled for next January.

"The Senegalese people have the right to know how the blocks of Cayar and Saint-Louis have been awarded to Franck Timis and to all the people involved in this case," says Birahim Seck General Coordinator of the Civil Forum, the Senegalese section of Transparency International. As, at this stage, Senegalese justice is not yet able to tell the Senegalese people how these contracts have been awarded, we have been forced to turn to international jurisdictions. And there, surveys will be further, because it will no longer be limited to the conditions of attribution, but also to focus on certain transactions between the different actors.

In the United States, for example, Transparency said to have asked the Department of Justice to determine whether Kosmos Energy and British Petroleum, which are the holders of incriminated blocks, have or not violated the Corruption Practice Act. abroad.

Tops / Flops from Morocco-Malawi: Hakimi Royal, Masina in the West .
© Reuters / Mohamed Abd El Ghany / AFP / Kenzo Tribouillard Ashraf Hakimi was much more to his advantage than Adam Masina. Tops Ashraf Hakimi still saves Morocco we knew it fast, technique and very good before the goal, but not a free kick shooter. Of them. This is the number behind the jersey of the Grand Ashraf Hakimi, and the number of direct free kick inscribed by the Moroccan phenomenon in this can.

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