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Enthusiasts: trans musical 2021: Lujipeka, Loharano, Folly Group ... What are the live concerts on CultureBox this weekend?

concerts for the planet: Andrea Bocelli, BTS and Metallica join the poster

 concerts for the planet: Andrea Bocelli, BTS and Metallica join the poster © Jung Yeon-I / AFP The Korean group bts will participate, from Seoul, to the concerts given on September 25 at the four corners of the globe for the planet. Andrea Bocelli Since Tuscany, BTS from Seoul or Metallica from Louisville (USA) join the events concerts given on September 25 for the planet, under the auspices of the NGO Global Citizen, indicate Thursday the organizers.

Until December 5, the trans musicals are back for a 43rd edition in Rennes. From Breton Lujipka rapper to the Malagasy Rock Loharano group, find many live concerts on the CultureBox website.

  Trans Musicales 2021 : Lujipeka, Loharano, Folly Group... quels sont les concerts à suivre en live sur Culturebox ce week-end ? © Provided by franceinfo

It is already the fire in Rennes. The 43rd edition of the Trans Music Festival began on 1 December in Brittany and continues until December 5th. The program is as usual very eclectic, rock to the electro via hip-hop.

Among the nuggets to discover this year, we can mention the young Breton Lujipka rapper (on stage Sunday, December 5 at 17:15). He will play at home and leaves a stay in residence to prepare his performance on the scene of Trans. A team of France followed it in this careful preparation during which he met some of his fans, at a concert at the theater of the free area, close to Rennes. "I like the idea to really prepare a show, can do it every day and set a challenge. Because it's something different from playing in front of people who do not know me. It changes the usual tour ", confides the rapper.

videos. Elton John, Black Eyed Peas ... The highlights of Global Citizen concerts for the planet

 videos. Elton John, Black Eyed Peas ... The highlights of Global Citizen concerts for the planet © Bertrand Guay / AFP The Global Citizen Live concert scene on the Champ-de-Mars, in Paris, September 25, 2021. New York in Seoul, passing through Paris and Bombay, more than 70 artists give voice around the world for 24 hours to raise awareness of the planet's threats. It is Elton John who opened this global concert ball, under the auspices of the NGO Global Citizen on Saturday night at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

on Scene Lujipka mixes its rap with rock and electro keys. "I always keep a rap base, but in the mix of genres, I do not fix any limit. There are plenty of things to explore".

The programming of Friday and Saturday

evenings in the very rich program of this weekend, there is also the presence of the London Punk Group Bob Vylan (December 3 at 23:40). C E Duo London creates the abrasive soundtrack of an proletarian and social revolt overseas overseas. "More hardcore than his compatriots Sleaford Mods, Bob Vylan (pronounce" Villain "in English, like the wicked in the comics) enlightens of aggressive light racism, police brutality, gentrification and poverty in a great- Brittany who has nothing left ", according to the presentation of trans musicals.

The legendary progressive rock group Magma prepares its new tour in the two-sips

 The legendary progressive rock group Magma prepares its new tour in the two-sips Christian Vander, the mixer and singer of the magma group since 1969 is still there. An adventure that has been lasting for more than 50 years and has seen many talented musicians. In residence in Melle, in the Deux-Sèvres, the group put the last touch to a tour of twenty dates this autumn. © Provided by FranceInfo This is one of the oldest French rock bands. At the origin of what is called the "Zeuhl", a unique musical genre that mixes jazz, rock and classic.

This Friday night, we also advise you, at an hour that is better for the early layer, the concert of the Malagasy Rock Loharano group. In the footsteps of their compatriots Dizzy Brains, who had put reindeer in boiling in 2015, the Malagasy rockers will water the audience of their heavy metal tinged with the typical rhythms of the island.

For the evening of Saturday, December 4, there will be the poster the post-punk folly group quartet (21:15), or in a very different style the group of Luso-Angolan Ikoqwe Hip-Hop (01h40). You can also find in Replay on the CultureBox Player the concerts of the previous days, including Yann Tiersen's performance, which played Thursday in front of the Rennais public.

below, the CultureBox player to see live or replay the concerts of trans musicals 2021. The whole program is to be found on the site of the festival:

Michel Legrand: Three concerts at the home of the radio for a double anniversary .
disappeared three years ago, on January 26, 2019, the legendary composer, pianist, singer and arranger would celebrate his 90 years on February 24th. To pay tribute, Radio France presents three concerts around its film music between Thursday and Saturday, with three approaches: vocal, symphonic and jazzistic. © Provided by FranceInfo Natalie Dessay, the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, the Sacre of the Tympan, Camille Bertault, Macha Méril ...

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