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How to Buy a Car Right Now, Without Overpaying

  How to Buy a Car Right Now, Without Overpaying If you’ve driven by a car dealership lately, you’ve seen it with your own eyes: There just aren’t many cars available right now. Continuing effects from the COVID-19 pandemic are pummeling automakers with parts shortages and other production disruptions. As auto plant shutdowns drag on, the number of cars on dealer lots continues to dwindle. At the same time, demand for new cars continues to surge. More shoppers chasing fewer new cars means one thing: Skyrocketing prices for new vehicles. Prices of used cars have risen substantially in turn, as many new car buyers have turned to the pre-owned vehicle market.

In 2019, rumours of a new, beefed-up Switch had begun making the rounds on the internet. There were whispers that Nintendo was developing new components for an upgraded console. The Nintendo Switch “pro”, as the fans dubbed it, would get 4K support and a 1080p screen, the reports said, and it would be unveiled at the E3 gaming expo in 2021.

But when Nintendo’s E3 showcase came and went, without even a whiff of any new hardware – let alone an upgraded Switch console, gamers started to give up on the rumours of the next-gen device ever coming true.

Au contraire. On 6 July, three weeks after E3 ended, Nintendo surprised us all by announcing the Nintendo Switch OLED console. While it isn’t exactly the sparkly new, heavily-rumoured pro console, there is still a lot to get excited about. The new OLED model features a larger screen, enhanced audio, an improved dock and sports an all-new colourway – you can read our full review of the Switch OLED now.

Car Battery Maintenance: Winter Is Coming!

  Car Battery Maintenance: Winter Is Coming! When cars sit, especially modern cars, it’s really hard on the battery. Why? Well, there are a number of factors, but the main one is that even a parked car continues to pull a bit of power from a battery, and newer cars consume more than you would think even when idle. Of course, theOf course, the assumption is that cars will be driven from time to time, which would "top off" the battery, but the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions meant a lot of cars were only being driven a fraction of what they were before. Parked cars became "the new normal." Those of us who have hobby cars that are sometimes stored for months at a time were already aware of this reality, but now the average driver was joining the party.

It isn’t the first follow-up Nintendo has developed for the wildly popular original Switch (£279, Amazon.co.uk), which was first released in 2017. Two years ago, the company debuted the Nintendo Switch lite, a handheld-only version (£194.47, Amazon.co.uk). You can read our round-up of the best games consoles to find out how they differ.

The Switch OLED launched on 8 October and is available to buy at a handful of retailers. The console is quickly being snapped up by eager customers and, yes, likely stock scalpers as well. Although November was extremely sparse in terms of restocks, it has picked up this December. We’d recommend buying one now if you want it to arrive before Christmas.

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Where to buy Nintendo Switch OLED in the UK:

  • Very: In stock now – arrives before Christmas
  • Amazon: Out of stock
  • Argos: In stock now – same day collection and next day delivery
  • Nintendo Store: In stock now – arrives before Christmas
  • Game: In stock now – next day delivery available
  • Smyths Toys: Out of stock
  • Tesco: Check your local store for in-store stock
  • Simply Games: Out of stock
  • Currys: Out of stock
  • ShopTo: In stock now – next day delivery available
  • AO : In stock now – next day delivery available
  • Asda: In stock now
  • Studio: In stock now
  • BT Shop: Register your interest

How to buy the Nintendo Switch OLED in the UK

Like Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo has been impacted by the global chip shortage. But in the console’s first month of release, the Switch OLED was available in abundance, contrary to the PS5 and Xbox series X did when they were first launched.

How to Buy a Used Car

  How to Buy a Used Car Used-car prices have soared this year, and according to market analysts, they’re likely to remain high for a while. The reasons are complicated. In short, a global microchip shortage has meant th at automakers can’t build new cars fast enough to meet demand. Fewer new cars for sale has increased demand for used cars, pushing prices up more than 40 percent above normal levels this past summer. “With financial stakes so high, it’s more important than ever to do careful research,” says Jake Fisher, director of CR’s Auto Test Center.

While the restock horizon for the Switch OLED was a little dire at the start of November, there are plenty of retailers with the console in stock right now.


On 15 July, pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch OLED went live at Amazon (£309.99, Amazon.co.uk). After selling out in mid-August, the retailer found more stock in the back of its pocket on 30 November.


Currys went live with the Nintendo Switch OLED on 21 September. It costs £309 (Currys.co.uk). The retailer last restocked the console on 25 November.


On 7 September, Game finally went live with a bunch of Nintendo Switch OLED bundles and standalone consoles. You can buy a white or neon Nintendo Switch OLED with a copy of Super Mario 3D World or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for £349.99 (Game.co.uk). The white and neon consoles are also available to buy on their own, without any games, for £309.99 (Game.co.uk). It last restocked the console on 26 November.

Marmaille Festival. Sensitize children's awareness from the youngest

 Marmaille Festival. Sensitize children's awareness from the youngest © Luca Lomazzi from 19 to 29 October 2021, it is 14 creations that will be presented in 18 different places: MJC or media library, often in rural areas. Marmaille will take place from 19 to 29 October 2021. For the young audience, the Festival sensitizes to culture, children and their families.


Argos went live with the Nintendo Switch OLED standalone on 15 August, but it had already sold out by the end of the day.

The last restock took place on 18 November, with the retailer adding two bundles with Lego Marvel Superheroes and a twin screen protector pack (£349.99, Argos.co.uk).

Video: Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series Outsold PS5 in November (The Independent)

Smyths Toys

Smyths Toys stores are also selling the Nintendo Switch OLED. It last had a restock on 19 October. You can buy it for £309.99 (Smythstoys.com). It last had a restock on 26 November.

Simply Games

Simply Games has listed a Nintendo Switch OLED bundle with a copy of the new Metroid Dread game and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is available to buy now for £399.99 (Simplygames.com). There last was a restock on 26 November.


On 13 July, Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders went live at Very (£309.99, Very.co.uk). It last restocked the console on 8 November with new Pokemon: Shining Pearl and Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond (£399.97, Very.co.uk) and Metroid Dread (£349.98, Very.co.uk) bundles.

The Joys of Owning a Beater Car

  The Joys of Owning a Beater Car When you think of a beater car, a specific type of vehicle likely comes to mind. We typically consider a beater car to be an older model with higher mileage that still runs decently despite living a hard life and showing some minor malfunctions to prove it. Maybe each panel is a slightly different shade. The hood and roof are often baked by the sun, and maybe some of its clear coat has faded away. While the doors open and close with ease, the car’s body panels probably have some battle scars, maybe a few scratches and at least one big dent. Bonus points if your beater car has rust on it.

On 13 November, more Nintendo Switch OLED bundles with Super Mario 3D World, Bowser’s Fury, Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Mario Party Superstars were added to the retailer’s website.

Nintendo Store

On 13 September, Nintendo went live with standalone Switch OLED consoles and a raft of Switch OLED bundles, including one with Metroid Dread and a hard carrying pouch (£359.99, Nintendo.co.uk), and others with The Legend of Zelda, Mario Golf, Super Mario 3D World and more. See them all here. It last restocked consoles on 22 October.


ShopTo went live with the Nintendo Switch OLED in early September. It restocked the console on back order on 18 November. It can be bought for £309.85 (Shopto.net). The retailer last restocked the console on 2 December.


Tesco doesn’t list the Nintendo Switch OLED online but the retailer regularly replenishes stock in-store. We would recommend popping in to your local Tesco megastore to find out if it has any consoles available.

Register your interest

Eager gamers are only able to register their interest on the BT Shop for now. We will update this page as soon as new retailers begin listing the console online, and when current retailers put the console online.

When is the Nintendo Switch OLED released and how much will it cost?

 (Nintendo Switch) © Provided by The Independent (Nintendo Switch)

The Nintendo Switch – OLED model was released on 8 October, 2021. The release date coincided with the launch of the new Metroid Dread (special edition £79.99, Game.co.uk) game. The Switch OLED on its own costs £309.99.

Ivory Coast: At the Cocobulles Festival, confident press handlers in their future

 Ivory Coast: At the Cocobulles Festival, confident press handlers in their future © Screenshot screenshot of the 6th edition of the "cocobulles" festival. The town of Treichville in Abidjan welcomed this weekend the 6th edition of the Cocobulles Festival, the appointment of the press drawing and the comics. The opportunity to plead the cause of the press drawing and reflect on the future of it.

What are the Nintendo Switch OLED’s specs?

The Nintendo Switch OLED isn’t the massive upgrade we were hoping it would be. It isn’t a major update to the original console, and doesn’t have many of the standout features that were rumoured to be on the Nintendo Switch “pro”.

The flagship upgrade of the new OLED device is kind of in the name – it’s the organic light emitting diode display, of course. If you don’t know what OLED is, it’s a massive upgrade from LCD. Instead of relying on a backlight to produce the picture, the picture will be produced from light emitted from each individual pixel, giving you higher contrast levels.

Nintendo has also increased the size of the display, bumping it up from 6.62in to 7in. It should make those long handheld sessions less taxing on the eyes. On top of that, Nintendo has enhanced the audio, improved the dock by adding in a wired LAN port – for those who need faster gaming speeds – and increased the internal storage from 32GB to 64GB.

Sadly, there’s no 4K TV support when docked or even a 1080p display, as widely rumoured, plus the battery is the same size as it is on the original Nintendo Switch. The processor doesn’t seem to have been updated either.

There are two colourways to choose from: a new white version, which features white Joy-Con controllers, a black main unit and a white dock, and a neon red and blue version, which is the same as the original neon model, featuring neon red and neon blue Joy-Cons, a black main unit and a black dock.

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