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Enthusiasts: 24h Daytona 2022: Rain in both trainings, O'Ward brilliant

2023 Ferrari Daytona SP3 First Look: Maximum Impact

  2023 Ferrari Daytona SP3 First Look: Maximum Impact We know what you’re thinking: Daytona? That was a classic front-engine V12 coupé Ferrari built from 1968 to 1973, wasn’t it? And the 2023 Ferrari Daytona SP3, the third car in Ferrari’s limited edition Icona series, looks nothing like it. It’s not meant to. The Daytona SP3, powered by an 828-hp, naturally aspirated V-12 mounted behind the driver, has been designed to evoke the spirit of Ferrari sports prototype racers from the '60s and '70s (as seen in the photo gallery).

Rain has crossed the first two free workouts at the 24 hours of Daytona 2022. Only a short dry phase at the beginning of the second free workout brought a few more meaningful times. The fastest vehicle in the two trainings was the Action Express Cadillac # 48 (Rockfeller / Kobayashi / Johnson / Lopez), but the story of the day was Patricio "Pato" O'Ward.

Results 24h Daytona 2022

The IndyCar Star let it fly properly in the first workout and put the best time - in an LMP2 Boliden! The class has not been on the performance level of the DPI category since 2019. But the wet track made the technical disadvantage nullified and Oward dropped in 1: 49,251 minutes the best time for the DragonSpeed-Oreca # 81 (Lux / Defrancesco / O'Ward / Herta).

The 2022 Alpine A110 Is The Only Car

  The 2022 Alpine A110 Is The Only Car There are some objects in this universe that seem to have come from a virgin birth, and the Alpine A110 is one such object: A gas car that is the last good car. Alpine debuted a new A110 Wednesday with some subtle refinements, but not really anything substantially different, because it’s impossible to improve on perfection. © Photo: Alpine Alpine has simplified things a bit for 2022, with three trims of the A110: In descending order, they are the A110 S, the A110 GT, and just simply the A110. Alpine also says the infotainment system is better with the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Everything about the 24h Daytona 2022: Info 24h Daytona 2022: Livestream, TV times, schedule, starter list and Co.

At the beginning of the second training it was then dry. But not all teams used these circumstances, so that the times apart far apart. Kamui Kobayashi drove in 1: 35.470 minutes the fastest time of the first two trainings. For comparison: In the pre-test, the best times in the DPI class were even after qualifying in the 1: 34 area.

The route had not yet built Grip again, as it began to rain again. TRENTON ESTEP in Forty7-Duqueine # 7 (KVAME / MCCUSKER / ESTEP / DOQUIN) had an accident on a slightly damp route (to wet for slicks, too dry for slicks) and thus made an accident for an interruption. When it started again, the route was completely wet until the end.

The golden age of the wedge-shaped car

  The golden age of the wedge-shaped car A close look at a long-departed era of automotive design

Patricio O'Ward, ließ es im ersten Training richtig krachen © Provided by Patricio O'Ward, made it properly crash

Patricio O'Ward in the first training, let it fly in the first training

Photo: Motorsport Images

The conditions also caused 13 GTD Vehicles landed before the fastest of the GTD Pro. The GT3 best time marked Mikael Grenier in Winward-Mercedes # 57 (Ward / Ellis / Grenier / Auer) in 1: 46.577 minutes.

Due to the weather, there was little driving activity: In the first training, 47 went to a fast round in the second 51 of the 61 vehicles. Several vehicles remained without time in both trainings. The race is dry, but cold - the exact opposite of the moist residues on Thursday.

There is still a night training from 11:15 to 3:00 on the program before there is another workout on Friday. The weather forecast predicts improvement. The startup for the race has already been extended to qualifying race.

with image material from Motorsport Images .

Residual Program of the 2nd League: The Climbing Race at a Glance .
Current Stand Before the 30th Matchday Place One: FC Schalke 04 © imago images / Treese Schalke_Jubel_Rest Program The FC Schalke is located before the 30th matchday in place one with 53 Points and a goal ratio of 59:53. matchday opens date first leg 30. matchday sv darmstadt 98 4. (a) so 17.04.2022 13:30 2: 4 31st matchday Werder Bremen 2. (H) Sat 23.04.2022 13:30 1: 1 32. Game day SV Sandhausen 15. (A) Fri 29.04.2022 18:30 5: 2 33. Gameday FC St. Pauli 3. (H) Sat 07.05.2022 20:30 1: 2 34.

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