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Enthusiasts: Purchasing Power: Laurent Berger calls the employers 'to make a little' to employees

Americans lose confidence facing the prices that climb

 Americans lose confidence facing the prices that climb © Justin Sullivan A Safeway San Francisco store (California) October 4, 2021 The confidence of American consumers fell in November at its lowest level in ten years, because of From inflation that continues to accelerate and retreats their purchasing power, a subject erected in priority by Joe Biden. © Robyn Beck A Target store of Hollywood (California) hiring, salaries from $ 16.75 per hour, November 9, 2021 The index is 66.8 points, against 71.7 in October, According to the preliminary estimat

Invité d'Europe 1 au micro de Sonia Mabrouk, le secrétaire général de la CFDT Laurent Berger est revenu sur les bons chiffres du chômage et a appelé le patronat à faire davantage profiter les salariés des bénéfices engrangés grâce à la reprise économique et à redistribuer les richesses dans les secteurs les plus précaires. © Europe 1 Guest from Europe 1 at the microphone of Sonia Mabrouk, the Secretary General of the CFDT Laurent Berger returned to the good numbers Unemployed and called on the employers to make more benefiting employees with earnings through the economic recovery and redistribute wealth in the most precarious sectors.

Despite the Coronavirus crisis that affects France full of March 2020, the unemployment rate has been at the lowest for 15 years. The executive even prides itself on having created more than a million jobs since 2017. Guest of the Morning of Europe 1, the Secretary General of the CFDT Laurent Berger returned to these good figures and took advantage of it To call the patronat to make more benefits the employees of the profits in the economic recovery.

Verdi: Tariff agreement for country employees open

 Verdi: Tariff agreement for country employees open The Union Verdi has prompted the employers before the next tariff round for the civil service of the countries to significant reworks. © Christophe Gateau / dpa The Verdi Chairman Frank Werneke speaks in a rally in Potsdam. The Verdi Chairman Frank Werneke said in Potsdam, the union came to the third round with the firm will to achieve a result. "Whether that succeeds, is open." So far, there is no negotiable offer of employers, this is overdue.

The Secretary General of the CFDT Laurent Berger has denounced a structural problem endemic to the distribution of wealth and called the employer to make more benefits employees. "The Patronat, it must understand that now we have to go a little, during this period, where there are margins, where there are wages that are indecent, which are below the SMIC," a "He said, before adding:" They sometimes do lessons on public spending. But fortunately there was public power to finance the economy during this period. "

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Reassessing the wages "Below the SMIC"

according to him, the many jobs created have created a new wealth. It is necessary to redistribute dividends to the most precarious business sectors. Laurent Berger also welcomed a deal in the poultry sector. "There were 12 echelons that were below the SMIC. So we just rectified that by a wage agreement last weekend. But there are still many professional branches (including personal service) or a lot of Companies where there is no question of negotiating or in any case, negotiations that are unworthy, "he concluded.

at Easter lure the special offers in the food trade .
The prices in food trade are currently rising as fast as long as long. Many consumers have to limit themselves. © Jens Büttner / DPA Central Image / DPA Many people worry about a price increase in food and beverages. But before Easter Festival, the great food retailers try to make the customer with a tide of special offers but still desire to buy shopping. "Discounts are to save Easter," the industry specialist file "Food Zeitung" already titled.

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