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Enthusiasts: Bloody Sunday: 50 years later, a fragile peace in Northern Ireland

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On January 30, 1972, the British army committed the Bloody Sunday massacre in Derry, Northern Ireland. Fifty years later, did tensions permanently appeased between Catholics and Protestants in the region? Cécile Ducouitius, journalist at the "World", comes back on the long conflict that has divided communities for centuries.

This January 30, 2022 will fall on a Sunday, like January 30, 1972, "Bloody Sunday" ("Sandling Sunday") in the city of Derry, Northern Ireland.

That day, 13 pacifist protesters fell under the bullets of the British army. A fourteenth will succumb to his wounds a few months later. Mostly Catholic, the thousands of civil rights protesters who left the Ghetto de Creggann on downtown Derry, asked for equal rights between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland.

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Cécile Ducouitius, correspondent of the world in the United Kingdom, tells us how the "Bloody Sunday" has become the organ point of the North Irish conflict whose stigma are still present today in the region.

An episode produced by Cyrielle Bedu, directed by Amandine Robillard and presented by Jean-Guillaume Santi.

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Learn more about: Video. Understanding 30 years of civil war in Ireland of Nordjustice. In Northern Ireland, the impossible trial of the "Bloody Sunday" narrative. In Northern Ireland, the death of a journalist revives the spectrum of the civil war

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