Enthusiasts: Sting, Pink Floyd, Madonna, The Cure: The rock stars give voice to condemn Putin and support the Ukrainian people

Selenskyj welcomes heads of government of three EU countries in Kyiv

 Selenskyj welcomes heads of government of three EU countries in Kyiv Kyiv. The Ukrainian President Selenskyj greeted the prime ministers of Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia in Kyiv. By train, the politicians were driven into Ukraine. However, they are not on behalf of the EU. © --- The heads of government of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia arrived in Kyiv. The Ukrainian President Wolodymyr Selenskyj welcomed the heads of government of Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia in Kyiv.

concerts or canceled tours, boycott streaming platforms and messages on social networks denouncing the war in Ukraine For a few days, Music Stars have been mobilizing and multiplying initiatives.

  Sting, Pink Floyd, Madonna, The Cure : les stars du rock donnent de la voix pour condamner Poutine et soutenir le peuple ukrainien © Provided by FranceInfo

Condemnation of Madonna, Russian tour canceled by Iggy Pop, withdrawal of Pink Floyd Russian platforms, call for donations of Sting, Charity T-shirts of The Cure, initiatives for Ukraine emerging in the Sphere Pop / Rock to support the country.

Since its online uploading on its Instagram account early March, the three-minute video combines 2.2 million views. Sting replayed at the acoustic guitar, in his studio accompanied by a cellist, his Russian hit, title of 1985 who called for de-escalation and peace in the world.

anonymous launches a site gathering nearly 400 Russian cameras pirated

 anonymous launches a site gathering nearly 400 Russian cameras pirated © provided by clubic anonymous The group anonymous announced on twitter The creation of a website related to the war that opposes Russia to the Ukraine. The hackers have brought together almost 400 pirated Russian cameras, most of which have diverted with a message against the war. 400 Russian Cameras Pirated Anonymous continues its cyberguerre against Russia .

In the preamble, the police leader, facing camera, denounces the "bloody decision" of a man (Vladimir Putin, whom he does not name) to "invade a peaceful country". "For the brave Ukrainians fighting this brutal tyranny and also for the many Russians who manifest (...) despite the threats of arrest and imprisonment," the artist continues. His Instagram account returns to the coordinates of a Ukraine aid routing body.

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calls to donations

the cure posted this week on its social networks a link for the sale of t-shirts of the group, on behalf of repainting in blue and yellow, for the benefit of UNHCR, the Nations Agency for Refugees. Robert Smith, the group leader, also retweeves messages from the social networks dedicated to Alexei Navalny, an enemy juror of the Kremlin, against whom the Russian floor has just requested 13 years in prison.

Kadyrov: Town Hall of Mariupol under control Chechen fighters

 Kadyrov: Town Hall of Mariupol under control Chechen fighters Chechen fighters have taken control of the Council of Ramsan Kadyrov the control of the Town Hall of the for weeks of the south-crain port city of Mariupol and kept their flag over the building. Kadyrov released a video on Thursday in the Messengerdienst Telegram, which aims to show a telephone call of the Russian deputy Adam Delimchanov with the "brave" Chechen fighters. He also announced "cleansing" in Mariupol.

Many players in the world pop / rock scene have also canceled their planned tours this summer in Russia, with pro-Ukrainian messages on their networks. "Our thoughts are with Ukrainians and all courageous people who oppose this violence," says Iggy Pop, who was to happen in Moscow in July.

WE Have Just Added A Blue / Yellow Logo T-Shirt To Our Official Stores - All Profits Will Be Donated to Unhcr @REFugees - Pre-Order AT https://t.co/jpixalwxe pic.twitter.com / mgktl9qz4d

- The Cure (@Thecure) March 15, 2022

Video: Ukraine: The classic kyiv orchestra gives a concert Place Maïdan (Dailymotion)

Virulent messages

"Ukraine, we are at your side, and with All those in Russia opposed to this brutal act, "also mentions Nick Cave. The same message, a few words, goes back to Gorillaz, a Damon Albarn project, ex-Blur leader, who removed the Russian dates of his world tour.

The leader and guitarist of the Franz Ferdinand group, Alex Kapranos, makes the distinction on his networks between the administration of Vladimir Putin, whom he denounces as "the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian state" , and the cultural heritage of Russia, "this great country that inspired our group through its art and literature".

gas will continue to be paid in Euro or dollars

 gas will continue to be paid in Euro or dollars Moscow. In Russia, a law is valid from 1 April, after which gas supplies are to be settled in rubles. For the European contractual partners, however, nothing should change. The Gazprom Bank would continue to convert payments. © Kay Nietfeld Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), participates in the meeting of the Federal Cabinet in the Federal Chancellery.

Others have more virulent words. Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac singer, compares on his networks Vladimir Putin to "Hitler Income us haunt", wishing he ends up "changing in dust".

Same comparison in a video on the Instagram account of Madonna where the megastar makes juxtapose in a video editing of the Adolf Hitler images and Vladimir Putin. On the background of his song "Sorry" where we hear "I listened to your lies and your stories / you are not half of the man you claim to be".

"Putin must leave"

"Putin must leave," Tweete also David Gilmour, Pillar of Pink Floyd, who reveals that his daughter-in-law is Ukrainian. All Pink Floyd music (since 1987) and David Gilmour solo have been withdrawn from Russian and Belarus streaming sites as a sign of "Firm condemnation of the Russian invasion".

In the rows of the electro, Laurent Garnier, international tutelary figure, participates in a compilation (Together for Ukraine, together for Ukraine), support for donations for different Ukrainian organizations.

Finally, the social networks of the Dutch Eurosonic Flatering Festival put forward on their playlists of the artists of Ukraine, like ALYONA ALYONA , a former kindergarten teacher, who reples in Ukrainian.

Russian Soldiers, Stop Killing Your Brothers. THISE WILL BE NO WINNERS IN THIS WAR.

My Daughter-in-Law is Ukrainian and My Grand-Daughters Want to Visit and Know Their Beautiful Country. Stop this before it is all destroyed.

Putin must go pic.twitter.com/ve4omsuirf

- David Gilmour (@davidgilmour) March 1, 2022

live: Ultimatum of Russia to Ukrainian soldiers present at Maroupol .
© Alexei Alexandrov of the military military of the People's Republic of Donetsk pass in front of damaged apartment buildings near the Illich Metallurgical factory Iron & Steel Works, the second largest metallurgical company in Ukraine, in a zone controlled by the separatist forces supported by Russia in Maroupol, Ukraine, Saturday, April 16, 2022.

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