Enthusiasts: Artistic-Global Skating: Sakamoto and Knierim-Frazier Pole Couple For Title

Dior celebrates the embroidery in his collection High Sewing Spring-Summer 2022

 Dior celebrates the embroidery in his collection High Sewing Spring-Summer 2022 On the first day of the Parisian High Couture Week, Dior has celebrated craftsmanship and especially embroidery. The multicolored decor, also embroidered by Indian young women, reproduces works by the couple of Indian artists, Madhvi Parekh and Manu Parekh. © Provided by FranceInfo Lithered outfits embroidered with embroidery: Dior celebrates this craft in his high couture collection presented on January 24 in Paris in a multicolored decor, also embroidered by young Indian women.

Patinage artistique – Championnats du monde : Sakamoto en tête chez les dames, Knierim et Frazier chez les couples © Provided by Sports.co.uk Figure Skating - World Championships: Sakamoto in the lead in the ladies, Knierim and Frazier in couples

She has To draw his game of the game. This Wednesday, on the occasion of the World Figure Skating Championships, which take place in France, on the side of Montpellier, the Japanese Kaori Sakamoto has finished at the top of the short women's program. This prestigious competition takes place without the imposing Russian contingent, because of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. No Belarusian skater also made the trip. And in the absence of all favorites, like Anna Shcherbakova, Olympic champion and the title world, Alexandra Trusova, a recent Olympic Silver Medalist, or Kamila Valieva, European Champion and in the heart of A doping case in the last winter games, the Japanese responded.

near Nantes. Artist Nantais Jean-Marc Arthot Photography cities and sailing

 near Nantes. Artist Nantais Jean-Marc Arthot Photography cities and sailing © West-France Jean-Marc Arthot exhibits at the gallery Pôle-South, from Lower Goulaine, near Nantes, until March 31. Jean-Marc Arthot exhibits at the gallery Pôle-South, in Lower Goulaine, near Nantes, for two months. He realizes photomontages from shots in black and white, which he takes with an apparatus of the 1960s. The 52-year-old man experienced an eclectic course. Director of Animation Films During his youth, Jean-Marc Arthot undertakes after a literary bin in legal studies at Nantes .

Kaori Sakamoto has been bronze medalist in the latest Beijing 2022 winter games in China, about a month ago. with 80.32 points, its new personal record, it ahead of the Belgian Loena Hendrickx (75.00) and the American Mariah Bell (72,55). The only French in the running, Léa Serna, only takes the 29th final place and therefore does not qualify for the future. To know the future world champion, it will be necessary to wait until Friday night, with the free women's program.

Video: Duplantis flies to 6.19 m, New Perche World Record (AFP)

Towards American Lining in Couples?

In couples, the absences of Russians and Belarus also open outlook. Especially since the Chinese Olympic Champions, namely Sui Wenjing and Han Cong, are also not present. As a result, the short program was won by an American couple, namely Alexa Knierim and Brandon Frezier. With a total of 76.88 points, these have ahead of another American couple, namely Ashley Cain-Gribble and Timothy Leduc , who made a total of 75.85 points. While the third march is occupied by a Japanese couple, namely Riku Miura and Ryuichi Kihar, with a total of 71.58 points. The free program will take place this Thursday night.

And if playlists would also make you talented as Jean-Michel Basquiat? .
© Thomas Urban / AFP If Jean-Michel Basquiat has mostly illustrated through his paintings, the music played a key role in his very short career. It is well known, the music softens the manners. But what about his impact on artistic creation? The curators of the exhibition "Jean-Michel Basquiat: King of Pleasure" answer this question through a series of playlists highlighting the artists who inspired the terrible child of contemporary art.

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